How to organize an event fast network in 5 steps

Networking events – a great way to create this terminal base. You can literally start with zero contact, but by using a few good network events, run a sufficient number of pulses to be a considerable amount in a very short period of time. In any city there are several networking mixers. It seems there is a lack of exchange of business cards, specially designed to connect professionals.

One of these types is called the event a fast network. speed networking event similar to speed dating, if you sit at several tables, and meet other business person for a few minutes each, before moving on to the next. By the time the event is over, all interconnected.

You can easily hold its own fast network event. Like everything else, it takes work, but below I have listed 5 distinct stages;

1. Decide how many visitors you want to have. When carrying out a high-speed networking event you want to have 15 to 50 participants. This means that you will need the station / table to accommodate half the total number of visitors. Remember that at each station will be two people facing each other.

2. Select a location, such as a restaurant or conference hall. Like any other professional event, you want a professional background was nice. You also want to choose a place that can accommodate the noisy crowd, without disturbing the other guests of the restaurant. Events-speed networks can be noisy, because people are constantly talking.

3. Start inviting guests. Normally, you should begin the process of invitation for 14-20 days before the event. When you first begin to invite, it will seem slow, as no one really did not answer. Just continue to advance, and you will notice that the closer you come, the more people will begin to recognize and register.

4. Purchase a mini-system. I know from experience, it is a valuable tool because, when it's noisy and it's time that visitors have switched the station, you do not want to cry, to begin the process. An alternative to the & # signal 39 is whistle as those used in sports practice. I still recommend the mini-PA system, because it is easier to talk in a large hall without damaging the vocal cords.

5. Take your event. This can become a nervous situation for the first time. Just make sure that you are properly prepared. Here are a few suggestions for the implementation of the event;

A. Make sure you have an account in order to keep the contact information of your guest.

B. Place the net at each station letterhead to give their guests the opportunity to take notes during a call.

C. Make sure all the event understand what is happening. When you first start, you have to give a brief explanation of what is going to happen and how it works. In addition, when people arrive late, be sure to explain to them how it works.

Finally, what was all over, make sure you contact your participants and ask them to evaluate the event. This will give you an honest statement about how well it went. You will also receive attention with comments and suggestions.

Do you want to learn more about business network? I just completed my new guide to success in the professional networks:

What are the best places to visit on holiday in the United States?

The best places to visit on holiday depends on you, your interests and your origin. The United States is so large and so diverse that it can be a lifetime to see all that the country has to offer.

What are you most pleased with? You like to relax on the ocean beach? Can you spend days looking through the museum? Or interesting historical sights? Or you want to try an adventure in the open air? You can choose a place to relax, on the basis of your love for the history, interest in archeology, hobby, hobbies, architecture, crafts, or religious background.

Let your budget to rest and leisure, you'll be directed to the choice of a place to relax. Location near the house or indoors to outdoors would be ideal if you want to save money. Sensitive cation is also reasonable, as a place of rest to the & # 39 is your hometown, with its local sights and attractions that you always planned to visit. Wherever you went, you can stay in a cheap hostel to save money, or you can stay at a five star hotel.

As you narrow the variety of activities? For some people, the ideal holiday vacation will be luxurious furnishings, resort, cruise, bed and breakfast, spa or shopping item. Other people choose a place to stay that provides sports, hiking and camping. You will be active rest, when you go to a ski resort, golf center, a lake for boating and fishing, snorkeling or scuba sports town treasurer major league. For nature lovers will be memorable budget holiday in the national park or national park or hike through the Appalachian Mountains. Some seven & # 39; and will enjoy their time in a large theme park, historic site or at the zoo, in any place where adults and children will enjoy.

Why not spend the holidays, get to know your country and all that it has to offer. I'll tell you about the most popular vacation spots.

To date, the most popular destination with & # 39 is New York, because it offers such a wide range of attractions such as Times Square, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, Broadway, Statue of Liberty and luxury shopping.

Believe it or not, Las Vegas, Nevada – the second most popular place. In Vegas there are a lot of classes, except for casinos, shows and resort attractions. Lake Mead and Hoover Dam are also in the area.

Get to know the capital of your country, Washington, the third most popular holiday destination. Explore the unique museums Smitsonav and see that your government is acting.

The fourth in the list of the most popular vacation – Boston, Massachusetts, Faneuil Hall Market, home of Paul Revere, the famous sights of patriots and revolutionary war.

You already know about the Disney theme parks. Children and adults love the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida and Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.

San Francisco, California, provides exciting activities of the big city, the early missions and the Golden Gate Bridge on the ocean coast.

Niagara Falls, New York – is a colorful wonder, where many honeymoons.

National Park Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee attracts tourists. Gatlinburg – rich gathering place in Tennessee. This is driven by the drive for people living in the Midwest.

The Grand Canyon and the Colorado River in Arizona – a place that must be visited at least once. In the Canyon, where they still live Indians Hawass, has waterfalls and camping.

And I can offer some unusual holiday destinations that might intrigue you.

Will you enjoy the antiquities in the Dutch country, Pennsylvania?

Get the party for Mardi Gras, jazz and the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Salem, Massachusetts, is famous not only witches, but also a lot of colonial history, which you can learn.

If you love horses, you are interested in the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky and the Kentucky horse park.

My last suggestion is from friends who have just completed journey Route 66 across the country to visit the unique roadside attractions.

Online help, which is available on the websites and travel forums, makes it easy to plan a vacation. But if you want to rely on a person, make a route, and make reservations for you, get acquainted with the local travel agents.

You'll find more ideas for travel in place of rest.

Accident driver erroneously

It seems that the drivers on the streets, roads and freeways often forget about the dangers of traveling at high speeds and driving. In a sense, a sense of complacency may fall on people who have years of driving experience, truck or motorcycle. The reality is that cars and trucks run on crowded streets with little protection in the event of suras & # 39; oznay accidents, and drivers and passengers every day risk of serious & # 39; serious injury or death.

Of course, every day people with no special cases are moved to work, school and social activities. This is because most people are constantly practicing safe control technology and are able to help keep yourself and your passengers on the road. What some do not realize is that their actions affect not only themselves and the people who travel with them, but have an impact on the other people on the road around them. Error or mistake made by the driver on the road, can lead to serious & # 39; oznay accident that could injure or take the lives of others.

Drivers are important to be attentive to the traffic rules and proper handling of their cars at any time. Drivers must always carry located speed limit and be sure to observe the road signs and stop at red traffic lights. If it comes to light changes, drivers should be sure to slow down before the light turns red, and speeding through yellow lights may lead to a collision.

If the driver does not use turn signals, brake without warning or does not leave adequate space between your vehicle and others on the road, it can cause serious & # 39; serious injury. Every driver on the road has to rely on others to carry out the posted signs and follow the general rules. People who do not follow the rules or prudent and aggressive, may expose the rest of the risk.

If a person is injured in an accident caused by another driver's mistake, he may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional and mental injuries and other damages. The victim may wish to consult with an experienced lawyer for a car accident to take legal action against the person responsible for the accident.

Philadelphia lawyer injuries tells of childhood trauma

Internet & # 39 is a powerful tool to help

representation of injured children

It caused by the negligence of another. let's look

litigation involving a murdered child

Tragically when he was seized and

18-Cola. I had the Internet

find strange about the & # 39; the amount of information

a truck driver and his company. you

It can do that as well. And the name of the child

He was the beneficiary.

In many states, you can get access to the operation of the vehicle

recording. I decided to invest a few dollars on

Search driving records and possibly a hit

gold. I learned that the driver of this tractor

The trailer has four speeding violations and two

some reckless driving violations, all in

the last six years! This does not even count

an accident involving my client.

Despite this shameful record, it

employer allowed him to ride through the streets

with a loaded gun. we pursue

punitive damages against the employer for

negligent hiring, negligent content

and negligent commission of a truck.

This representative of the employer informed me

they did not know its protocol.

Unfortunately for them, federal rules

requires employers to keep a copy of each

Driver's driving record in the archive staff.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Internet & # 39 is a powerful force for alignment

playfield. experienced

layman can gain access to information that once

It was the only area of ​​the work of major law firms and

Corporation. This is an amazing discovery

a small law firm and lawyer Solovey.

Safer roads could save your life

The road on which we walk, may put at risk the driver or drivers to increase the chances for a safe trip. on highways safety experts have identified a simple, cheap and very effective security measures, which can mean the difference between a safe ride and other automatic mortality. Here are a few examples of the organization "Putting the brakes on the way of the dead", an organization that seeks to reduce death and injury of cars by raising awareness about security issues.

improving safety on the narrow roads and bridges save lives

With 23 miles of miles of California Highway 46 in the County of San Luis Obispo 29 lives have been recorded in 19 accidents in five years. More than two-thirds involved in head-on collisions. CallTrans, State of California Department of Transportation, said rumble strips, lighting the pavement and raised thermoplastic strips along the shoulders and at the center line. They compared the cases of deaths in the 16 months to 16 months, and improvement after improvement. After the improvement of mortality died from eight to zero. The victims of the accident were reduced by 14%, and the total collision decreased by 27%.

cucumber strips can significantly reduce drift-of-travel.

Rumble strips – one of the most effective ways to keep drivers on the road. Special strips drone, equipped with a model of the notification Sonic Nap (SNAP), produce a crisp sound and vibration, which warn drivers whose vehicles float away from the roadway. If SNAP strips were installed on all 506 miles on the highway in Pennsylvania in 1990, as a result of road accidents fall down by 65% ​​per month. SNAP band and in-depth reflective markers payment shall be fixed in all the segments of new roadway on Turnpike. Officials "Turnpike" sound the band is credited with a reduction in the accident rate of 2.3 accidents per 100 vehicles miles miles or 100 accidents a year. Since then, as the experience of "Turnpike" was published, sound tapes have become a common device for road and rural roads across the country.

Make the roads suitable for older drivers

Many roads have been built to service today's high-speed and high-speed traffic. Some road conditions pose an even greater threat because of the growth of the elderly population. Florida is in the lead in the implementation of measures to improve road traffic, which is particularly affecting the elderly constant amount of the state's population, which is expected in 2020 will increase to 25%.

In 1992, Florida has implemented a program for users of Elder Roadway, designed to meet the needs of the elderly population. They have been made to improve on the carriageway, including the marking of the pavement width of six inches for better visibility; reflective pavement markings from a distance of 40 feet; large overhead street signs at busy intersections; previously named street signs; improved features pedestrian at intersections; and increased emphasis on the effective monitoring of traffic through the working zone. The result has been a marked decrease in certain types of accidents. These improvements are part of the state program of regular road maintenance.

Improvements at intersections reduce accidents and injuries.

Working with state and local governments, AAA Michigan has defined the intersection at high speed and to develop recommendations for their improvement. Typical countermeasures are inexpensive, including the establishment of accommodation and the time of signal lights, modernization of signaling lenses to make them more visible, and the addition of turn signals left and turns. On one crossroad improved reduced the number of accidents by 48%, and injury by 70%. Then there have been improvements in other skryzhavalnyh intersections.

Medical Marijuana: picture of the patient


To date, medical marijuana is legalized in the United States in 30 states, including the following:

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Kanektyut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Gemshyr, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia.

Each of these states has its own rules and recommendations regarding the use and development.

Here in Florida, Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Amendment 2 was adopted November 8, 2016 for qualified patients under the supervision of a qualified and licensed medical marijuana. In addition, this amendment has been accepted with a total of 6,518,919 (71.32%) votes "YES", and 2,621,845 (28.68%), "Voices".

The federal government classifies marijuana as a drug in Schedule 1, which makes illegal the appointment of doctor marijuana to their patients. These doctors of marijuana can make recommendations on the use of cannabis is only in accordance with national legislation, which can operate up to 1 year. Patients may not go to a pharmacy to fill a prescription for medical marijuana.

In accordance with strict rules, doctors marijuana is prohibited to join any distributors and cannabis dispensaries.

In accordance with this amendment, only certain patients suffering from "exhaustion." The disadvantages that relate to its provisions related PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), chronic muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, seizures, epilepsy, glaucoma, Crohn's, disease, cancer, HIV / AIDS, the ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease, and # 39). ; disease) and Parkinson's disease.

Despite the fact that the above mentioned diseases were listed as "primary debilitating condition," the position of the amendment 2 also states: "or any other negative / state similar severity / symptoms, some physician with the view that is used for medical purposes marijuana prevails over any possible health risks. "

Currently, Florida, about 56 well-known and familiar medical marijuana.

More information and specifics on this topic is available on the website of Ministry of Health of Florida ( on how to become a medical marijuana patients in Florida. For more information on the amendment 2 can also be found here.

Parkinson & # 39; S disease

A few months ago I came across a video on Facebook of a man with Parkinson's disease, to take pictures of cannabis. Before and after the videos were very impressive. Before starting treatment, you will be able to see significant tremors, stuttering and bad posture of this man. After the video shows a very different face. His speech was clear and audible. He had no stuttering, shivering, and he showed a very controlled movement. This man walked and talked like a normal person would. He also shared how it has improved their quality of life.

As a physical therapist, who is exposed to a variety of cultural circumstances, I personally have mixed feelings about medical cannabis. As a health worker, it is quite the wealth, to witness one of the most significant changes in my patients using cannabis.

Mr. George. L. Parkinson's disease

For more than five years, Mr. George. L. came to me for treatment and physical therapy in connection with the problems caused by Parkinson's disease. Knowing the progressive nature of the disease, I watched this gentle soul to cope with the consequences of this debilitating ills. His chief physician would have sent him to treatment if he begin to develop weakness, stiffness, chills, and, most likely, balance problems, when he said that the house falls.

We would see him for about six to eight weeks each time. We have worked to improve his coordination, strength, flexibility and balance for the main goal – to keep it in the safety and self-sufficiency at home, because he lives alone. In addition, to avoid the drop, which inclines it to more severe injuries and complications.


A few weeks ago, he came to the office to sign physiotherapy when he again sent his doctor. After working with this patient for many years, I tried to find that it has changed. I was looking and looking, as he did his initial assessment. Perhaps he noticed the curiosity attracted me because he recognized me. No longer able to restrain my curiosity, I asked him: "Mr. George, what did you do?" Mr. George just laughed and asked me why curiosity!

Well, I finally got to the point that Mr. George. He had little jerks on the right hand, where he showed the typical bumps of the disease. The neck was lined and has not shifted to the right side. Moreover, his performance was more intuitive! Another thing that struck me was that it was better. Not perfect, but he was able to turn around without having peratasovvats what I saw, as it does for many years.

He finally shared with me that he began taking cannabis treatment more than a month, as recommended by his neurologist. His friend, apparently mentioned to him the video on Facebook of a man with severe Parkinson's disease. This man was a picture of medical cannabis, and the change has been seen only in a few minutes. This is, perhaps, pushed him to consult with your primary physician, and then his neurologist.

The changes that I have seen Mr. George. After just over a month was on medical cannabis are essential. His performance improved. His voice is deeper and more audible. He had no stuttering, and he had more control over his right hand trembling from almost non-existent. It is also worth easier. His balance and coordination have improved, especially because when retraining balance improved he is now receiving.

During therapy sessions, Mr. J could faster with more accuracy bounce on the floor. We saw him tossing and catching the ball in standing, but no one holds on to it. We used to have someone standing behind and detained him because he had a slow response and reflexive reaction. His gait is also improved. A month ago he would have dragged his right leg and was very short deck steps. He lost his balance at the slightest attempt to turn or lift his leg higher to stand on one leg.

These seemingly subtle changes in it for almost a month use of medical cannabis changed his life. He shared that he feels more relaxed and less concerned about the drop. He can deal with simple household chores with more confidence and is able to carry more modern therapeutic exercises during physical therapy sessions. It does not feel tired and can do more tasks during the day.

Mr. G is still in this way and would like to share this experience and tell me your story. Knowing him and his origin, he is not the type of person who would take marijuana indiscriminately for simple relaxation and indulgence.

On Mr. J.

Mr. George. Originally from Central New York and moved to Florida. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease about seven (7) years ago. He was the designer of a very prestigious Chinese manufacturer of Syracuse, whose client with & # 39 are the White House, five-star hotels and prestigious restaurants. He was also a member of the barber barbershop as a tenor SPEBSQSA (Society of preservation and promotion of the barbershop quartet who sing in America), and was a member of several amateur Broadway shows in New York. He was a teacher of the art for high school students, presenting the image.

His life changed when he was called into service sometime in 1986. He began treatment, which, according to him, were mainly people who had tumors. He traveled abroad to expand its medical service. It attracted so much attention that even the media noticed and covered his service several times. He is now retired and lives in Palm Bay, Florida.

Worthy to know that special someone who has done a lot for his young age. He devoted much time and affection to help others. I deeply appreciate the humanitarian service that J had, and how his ministry touched so many lives. I consider him one more insincere hero of his time.

His willingness to share a fragment of its history – it is a privilege. Moreover, to be able to work with him to improve his progress, and to see his motivation and determination for many years – it is a very inspiring experience.

Personal Battle Mr. George. L. Parkinson's disease.

Mr J. as he shared, he was officially diagnosed with Parkinson's disease nearly seven years ago. He was under the care of internal medicine doctor practicing in Palm Bay, Florida.

About Parkinson's Disease

As described employees of the Mayo Clinic: "Parkinson's disease – a progressive disease of the nervous system that affects movement develops gradually, sometimes with a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand aware of the signs of Parkinson's disease, it is a violation and often causes stiffness or slowing of movement…"

The following effects of the disease include the following: an inarticulate person also known as maskiravany fatsyi or gipamimiya and reduced speech quality that can be blurred, soft and even stuttering. They are very common in patients with whom I have worked. The ability of the patient's foot is also affected. It is a loss of swing arm on the rigidity of the body, stiffness and mixing steps, which result nekaardynatsyi.

Unfortunately, this disease is a progressive and modern medicines are aimed at improving the symptoms, but not necessarily drugs.

Currently, there are numerous studies on the treatment, including surgery to control certain areas of the brain and electrical stimulation.

However, at this time there is no standard therapy for the treatment, according to the National Parkinson Foundation.

In addition, the recommended medications, lifestyle changes, exercise and rest.


Modern designed drugs include: Carbidopa-levodopa, Carbidopa-levodopa, dopamine infusion, MAO-B inhibitors, Katehol-O-methyltransferase (COMT inhibitors) antsihalinergiki and amantadine. -Krynitsa: Organization Mayo Clinic

Parkinson's Surgery

Procedure for deep brain stimulation (DBS) – a procedure in which the electrodes are implanted in certain brain areas with a generator implanted in the chest near the clavicle, which sends impulses to the brain to reduce symptoms. However, this is not a & # 39 is the treatment and involves a lot of risks and side effects. And medication and DBS does not stop the progression of the disease.

Parkinson and physiotherapy

Physiotherapists work with these types of patients during different stages of the disease. This is primarily due to the reduction of functionality as a result of nekaardynatsyi, dyskinesia (involuntary movement) and rigidity, making purposeful and spontaneous movements is very tiring.

These problems can make even the most basic functions as feeding, care and toilet. The gait becomes extremely unstable. Stirring walk very common where it is difficult to make the first move (due bradykinezii – very slow movement), but when they go to stop them is also very difficult. Many of these patients are at high risk of falls and a large amount of aging stages becomes completely dependent care.

When referring to physical therapy, patient education regarding the appropriate exercises, movement strategies, objectives, modifications, training distance and prevention strategies fall from & # 39 are part of the overall care plan and functional interference. They are also often referred to as curative therapy for speech problems, and feeding, as well as occupational therapy for basic functions and self-protection functions of the hands or upper limbs.

Mr. J & # 39; s battle

I first worked with Mr. George about 5 years ago. Although at that time he was not in the advanced stages of the disease, it has already showed the main visible symptoms: chills, hands and neck, maskiravany full face, rigidity and significant nekaardynatsyya. He walked very slowly, confused and a long walk from room to room, because it was not able to make quick turns. When he turns around, he usually loses his balance and falls. His reflexes were very slow. He could hardly catch the ball or bounce off him. His speech was slurred, barely audible, and he had a stutter. It was difficult to get up and down with simple curbs and stairs. Several times he has fallen out of balance problems.

Mr. J. continued to keep a program of physical therapy and was always very motivated. For each episode, about which he was talking about us for many years, he always showed an improvement and always performs a specific exercise program, which we ordered. Due to the progressive nature of the disease, however, it would be worse and we had to work with him again.

He shared the story of the first time I noticed a change in him from Parkinson's. The first thing he mentioned was when taught art to high school students in the class of Art in New York. He said that gradually he found it difficult to draw and use your right hand when he was a jerk. The others followed, changing facial expression, stiffness and sense of cruelty constantly. It became progressively worse until his move to Florida.

Once under the care of a therapist, he was appointed Sinemet and other medications that he was taking for years.

The last time I saw him on medication, was in early 2016, when in his right hand were tremors and involuntary twitching in the neck. His maskiravanyya fatsyi were pragresavanyya face almost suhly, and he went and so much moved. He could hardly move one foot in front of another. He also reported on the fall of the deteriorating problems with balance.

That's why I saw him in March this year, saw in it a significant change, which he associated with medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis: capsules and Gunma

He went on to share his story. After hearing about the potential benefits of cannabis in Parkinson's disease, he consulted with his primary doctor, who sent him for further consultations with their neurologist. Its neurologist recommended to try medical marijuana because of the progressive nature of the Parkinson's disease.

Then Mr. J. began using capsules with cannabis, wherein he stated that it contained about 30 units to 25 mg capsules. It cost him about $ 80, including shipping. With its shipment came exemplary package with a comedic version of about 5 girls in the pack. Capsules were bitter, he said, and he took 1 capsule daily.

He added that after taking the first capsule he felt so calm and relaxed. He could move around more easily and get out of bed, it is better to climb and become the chair. He also noted that his thrusts were significantly less than the first time.

Mr. George said that he likes the rubber hemp is better because it tastes like candy and delicious than the capsules. Especially comedies that effect seemed much faster than in the capsule of action and much cheaper. Capsules per piece cost about $ 3 apiece, and gum would have amounted to about $ 1 per unit, he added.

To simulate the effect of gum, Mr. John said that he tried to melt the capsule under the tongue to lift the hem of her bitterness. He chewed chewing bear candy. It worked for him.

To date, Mr. J. continued physical therapy, when we see that he is more able to endure and perform training at a high level that before he could do. On his right hand was very small, no shivering, he no longer feels the tension in the neck, and his reflexes are improving. I see it in its ability to make a turn and not to lose balance. We should not keep him until he catches or throws the ball bounces to improve their protective reflexes correctional required him to not fall. it can lift your legs up when walking, and his shuffling is much less.

Even recognizing the progressive nature of the disease, just inspiring to see how this very soft, kind, intelligent and talented man overcomes simple everyday functional obstruction caused by this debilitating and irreversible disease.

For the population that suffers from a debilitating disease, daily victory of the ability to move and perform tasks that most of us seem so commonplace – it's a blessing.

Currently, the legalization of medical marijuana will be held in Congress. We all have different positions and a strong opinion on this matter. Research continues on its pros and cons. I envisage a greater awareness of its existence as an alternative treatment of various diseases that do not respond to conventional medicine and treatment.

As a health worker, he simply performs the opportunity to witness the functional changes Mr. John. As far as he is able to remain independent and self-sufficient, despite the violation.

У цяперашні час я працую над пошукам чалавека, які можа падзяліцца са мной негатыўнымі эфектамі медыцынскай марыхуаны. Я хацеў бы пачуць ад вас і быць у стане падзяліцца сваім падарожжам і досведам, вядома, ананімна.

Калі ласка, звяжыцеся са мной, калі вам ёсць чым падзяліцца.

Маё прывітанне з выдатным днём і да майго наступнага артыкула!

Bride: Select your fine China

I spent a good part of his life, working in ceramics; the bulk of the work with fine china and crystal. My friend invited me to write an article to help brides choose china.

Funny, I rarely write about ceramics. I wrote a couple of books on the subject, and I was the editor Ceramic Industry Magazine so it is not that I'm not praktykuyusya in this topic. Writing is always with me, and separated from my profession.

I wrote novels in his spare time. I wrote one novel, which was concentrated in the pottery in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Roman has Bone china. bone china it is a complex detective story where the detective is interested in what happens to the missing people from the small town of Pennsylvania. Or kremuyuts an abandoned ceramic factory and used for the manufacture of bone china? The Germans? This is as close as I came to ceramics.

Well, let's get to work. Let's talk about some of the factors that you should consider when choosing your fine china. First, remember that the porous Chinese are not covered. It is called pavshklyanym utensils, crockery and Queen et al. Stoneware is also not covered.


bone china

There are several kinds of fine porcelain in which you would be interested. first there bone china.

Cysts China are made of bone ash. Bone ash is produced with a high temperature kaltsynatsyi animal bones. Bone ash – the goods. This means that it comes from different countries and used the bones of many animals.

Bones that are used for the preparation of bone ash coming from camels, horses, cows, pigs, llamas and other species.

Here the question is: Does it matter to you?

If you are a Jew, it can.

I can only say this: when kaltsynatsyi bones all organic matter is destroyed. Bone ash becomes really look like a natural mineral contained in the phosphate rock. You can not tell the difference, if it is in ceramics.

I was a consultant to the Jewish rabbis during the year. The only opinion that the high temperature treatment of bone ash makes it kosher. If you are concerned, talk to your rabbi.

Remember this: the bone ash, which was used for the manufacture of a particular porcelain can be made no bones of pigs. Most of the larger Chinese companies show that the bone ash does not contain the bones of pigs. However, from my experience in this field, most of the bone ash suppliers can not always guarantee that some of the bones of pigs can get into their process.

Many Jewish bride decided that bone china kosher. I agree with them for one reason, most Rabbis agree with them.

How much bone ash should be in Chinese China? The classical formula is 50%. If the content is below 47%, you can lose one of the most important properties of bone. Bone china should be white, not white in any degree.

Bone ash promotes transparency of the composition. If you place your hand over the bone plate made of porcelain, you should see it. The reason is that the refractive index of the formed phosphate compounds the same as that glass which is formed in the ceramic. Since they are the same, no light diffraction.

Just remember this. Bone china should be pure white and translucent. This means that in the very little ball of clay. Thin body English kaolin retains whiteness. Chinastone – it flint / field shpatavaya mixture, which is used by the British ceramics from china for the same reason.

Kistki China is manufactured by Chinese process. This means that the body is ignited to heat until the body becomes quite dense vitreous. This is the first firing is called biskvinym biskvichnym fire or fire. After biskvitskaga fire bowl is heated, watered and heated at a lower temperature. Decorations are applied dekalkomaniyay, hand-painted, embossed, etc.. More on this later.

Nekastsyanyya fine china

Most manufacturers are made of ivory porcelain china. Ivory is very popular, and very beautiful, when the body is formulated correctly and the body is fully matured during firing.

Composition – this is what we call an engineer ceramists "feldspar". This means that the body contains the mineral feldspar. The concentration of feldspar is high to ensure that the body will be vitreous. Canadian feldspar (nepheline Shinichi) is sometimes used to reduce the firing temperature.

English kaolin guarantees the desired degree of whiteness and translucency. Used only a small amount of ball clay. The rest of the ingredient – flint. As for fine china and bone china for, the body must be mashed to a shallow skin to produce the desired properties. Glazing and decoration are the same as for Chinese porcelain.


All this began to Chinese. The word "kaolin" (first porcelain clay) has gone from the name of the Chinese provinces. Perhaps the province still exists under the same name, as far as I know. Classical composition – 50% kaolin 25% flint (silica) and 25% feldspar.

European porcelain are popular with brides. Some manufacturers have been able to approach the whiteness and translucency of Chinese porcelain. Please note that the bone china – this is the nearest meeting with Chinese porcelain.

made porcelain Porcelain process. While porcelain process starts with a high fire biscuit porcelain process begins with the fire of small biscuit. Crockery easily grazed because after firing the biscuit he sieve. Heating is not required. The final gloss fire – a high temperature fire in contrast to the low-temperature fire with a gleam in the Chinese process. In the process of porcelain body and glaze mature together. This adds strength.

Due to the higher temperatures required for the decoration of porcelain, the result is not always as desirable as in fine porcelain (often the best decorations) and Chinese porcelain.

Parynski China and Porcelain Free

Low-temperature porcelain made very attractive. For American brides are less popular than bone china, porcelain and fine china.

Assessing Your China or porcelain

I do not want you to pluck more technical details. Let me list a few items that need to be considered regarding the desirability and the life of your China.

Foot and back

If engineers ceramics go for dinner, the first thing they do is turn over the plate. Why? Well, first they can see who made it. fine china used in some upscale restaurants (including china). Most of the other uses an American invention Hotel China, designed specifically for the restaurant. What it is suitable for restaurants, probably not suitable for your locker.

Looking at the foot, and I suggest you take a look at the leg first, to find out it is glazed. If it is not cleaned, rub gently and slowly around the foot. Watch out for sharp projections glaze, as it does. I do not want you to cut yourself a nice finger.

Stop Coarse?

If it is rough, it must be polished until it is smooth using stamping. Crude leg requires you to swipe between the plates kept in the closet, to the foot is not wiped glaze on other plates. You need to be careful while washing dishes and cleaning the dishes off the table. You do not want scratches on your glaze were so?

In most small-scale Chinese and bone china have neglazuravanaya stop. Foot sanded at the factory before you get it, but be sure to check each piece.

If the foot is glazed, look for studs on the bottom surface of the glaze. Such a vessel can not be shot in the leg, because he will stick to the furnace. Tag pins can be hardly noticeable. Some manufacturers set the dishes on tiny ceramic spheres, rather than on the studs. Stamps are almost invisible. If there are pins, make sure that they are polished to remove rough edges.

Look for brand manufacturers in the bottom of the dish. It is in the center? Easily you read it? Does he have a name of a template? Now decide, do you care about these features. Take one last look at the back of the plate. There glaze flaws? Or looks uniform application of glaze on the back of the stove? There are pits, inclusions or blemishes? Any rough spots?

Front end plate

Turn the plate and rub with your finger around the rim. Or is it a smooth, silky or rough? Any thin spots? Look at the surface of the glaze, no holes and impurities. Remember that different manufacturers have different inspection standards. A very small hole can be tolerated. A manufacturer may have a standard that says that there are no holes, except for the tiny on the back side of the plate.

Most manufacturers of fine china and the use of lead glaze. The reason – the luster glaze. Whether health problem leads? Not in normal circumstances. Most people are only good china nine (9) times a year. This can be a problem if you give it to the baby orange juice into the small Chinese cup. Do not do it.

So, with the & # 39 is the icing shiny and free of defects?


Although manufacturers have reduced the number of decorative firing of & # 39; yadnavshy functions traditionally there are three ornaments. The first adornment is called "Fire on the label" and that if the linings are in accordance with the design. Stickers are available as screen or lithographic. Color on screen inscriptions are often thicker and more intense than in lithographic the beverage.

Enamel or heavy color is placed next to the "enamel fire." At present, the enamel can be placed on the label and on the & # 39; united in one firing.

Last shooting – a shooting of the precious metals, or "firing of the shot." Gold or platinum is applied to the rim and certain parts of the design. It is also sometimes applied to the labels and omits all but one of the shooting.

Here are a few reasons for registration. Correctly positioned decorations on a plate? Rub them with your finger. They sit on top of the glaze or they are buried deep inside of her? Labels should sink into the glaze, so that they do not wear out. They should not sink so far that they were no longer attractive. Solid gold – the gold, which does not get lost and sunk too far into the glaze. Soft gold – is gold, which sits on top of the glaze and easily pounded. Watch for soft gold on porcelain. The glaze is very hard and difficult to get jewelry and precious metal plunge into the glaze. ( "Hard" in this sense means not melt during the fire deco.)

Problems with fine service in China

Exquisite porcelain faces with your crockery, dishwasher and storage.

So, fine China can damage your wardrobe, while the foot of one plate rubs against the surface of the other plate, which will scratch the glaze. Once scratched, he scratched. The hardness of the glaze is the highest in the high-porcelain, and the smallest in the small Chinese Chinese. Brushes with China is among them. Cysts China – a good choice for beauty and durability.

Marking knife – is the most terrible of the dishes. Traces can actually be cuts in the glaze, and can not be deleted. They can be cleaned by metal utensils, which often can be removed SoftScrub®. Here I suggest you do not use extremely hard knives steak in excellent china.

Cups and other forms of

Look at the cup handle. I said, "cup" instead of "cup". You should see a few to tell the quality.

If the cup handle is formed with a glass using a sauce, it should look perfect.

If glass stick handle to the bowl after the bulk of the glass is formed, it may not be ideal. Detainees handles sometimes fall on arms. It's a nightmare producer.

The problem is that the plastic handle is not "suitable" (during contraction) on the plastic cup.

There are not so many problems with molded handles, located on a plastic bowl. (Technical problems, and I will not explain it here. Write me an email, if you really want to know.)

Look at the joint where the handle meets the cup. Or it looks neat and clean? There is an excessive build-up of glazing where they join? You do not want anything ugly?

Check the bowl and see if they will invest. If they do not invest, I have a suggestion: Run! (Well, if you can put up with the bowls that do not add up, and you just love the design, go ahead and buy them.)

Kettles have to check the handle, as well as cups. Check the handles on the lids of teapots and casseroles. Do you think they will? Or attractive they are applied?


Carefully read the warranty. (Well, someone read it.) Ask how long the guaranteed replacement for your sample. You do not want to go to the Replacements Inc. (Http://, if this is not necessary.

Yes, you can write me an e-mail questions.

Ah! Congratulations!


Bride, China how to choose porcelain, china, porcelain, China for care, Chinese defects, fine china Paryyan, Free, porcelain, processing, storage

Washington Washington Holidays – museums, monuments and more

Washington, DC, has always been one of my favorite places. He competes for San Francisco because it is the most beautiful city in the country. And it's a lot of kinds of treasures state attractions, museums, monuments, parks, shopping and dining. Washington also has some of the most attractive residential areas in the United States.

Family vacationers usually start from the famous shopping center in Washington, grassy area which is subjected to the US Capitol at one end and the Washington Monument on the other. You can take a tour of the Capitol, which includes two rooms, Raton and National Hall of statues, which contain the history of the United States in the form of works of art and statues respectively. You can also watch Congress at the meeting, but you will need to get a pass from the office of your representative or senator, long before your visit. In the western part of the mall elevator will pull you to the top of the Washington Monument, the length of 555 meters, opening up a wide view of the DC and its Maryland and Virginia suburbs.

To the north of the shopping center is probably the most famous in the world of the address, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where there is some well-known residents. White House welcomes visitors, but only if they asked and received a book from your representative or senator for months in advance. The excursion includes sightseeing in the East Room, the largest structure and place a lot of ceremonies and press conferences, the Blue Room, where there is a tree of the White House every year, Green Room and Red Room.

So many sights attractions manages the shopping center along the northern and southern sides. You can start in the distinctive red sandstone, which previously contained a major collection of the Smithsonian Museum. He is known as the Castle, now an information center Smitsonav. Here you can get your bearings with a short orientation film, Washington model, as well as information about 17 museums and institutions of Washington zoo. Chateau Café offers delicious and affordable food, and a good dinner option at the mall.

National Air and Space Museum – one of the most interesting places in the mall. What is the most visited museum in the world, it is not accidental. The exhibition features the Wright Brothers' plane – Kitty Hawk, as well as Charles Lindbergh Spirit of St. Louis Age and Lochhead, which Amelia Earhart pilotavala in 1932 as the first woman who crossed the Atlantic solo. In a & # 39 facility has a planetarium and IMAX theater, both of them will make you feel like you are flying into space.

National Gallery – another attraction Mall, which deserves a considerable amount of time on your visit. The gallery consists of two buildings, the original stately white structure and modern drama dramatic applications IM Peyia, which was opened in 1978, the glass, of course. National Museum of Natural History – another exciting place in the mall. Building area of ​​1.5 million square feet, the size of 18 football pitches, contains exhibits on the history and culture that covers the gamut from dinosaurs to gems to butterflies. A distinctive modern structure Hirschhorn Museum – this shopping center for contemporary art, which features works by Picasso, Warhol and others.

An amazing collection of exciting attractions of Washington lasts a few minutes walk from the shopping center. Vivid examples – Corcoran Gallery of Art, the International Spy Museum and the National Museum of American History.

Park Rock Creek – is a major part of the DC parks, which extend beyond 12 miles from the river to a descendant of the Maryland border. In this urban oasis of beauty, visitors can picnic, bike tours, tennis or fishing. In Rock Creek Park is an amphitheater Carter Barron and the National Zoo.

Some of the main neighborhoods of the Washington area include Georgetown, known for its restored buildings, bars, restaurants and upscale shops; Dupont Circle with its historical buildings and foreign embassies; and Adams Morgan, known for its lively nightlife. Suburban resident also has a wonderful place to live, such as Fairfax, VA; Silver Spring, MD; Kensington, MD and super rich Potamak, MD.

In Washington, there are many fabulous restaurants, and only a few well-known places – Komi (Greek), Sitranel (French) and Prem & # 39; er-fish (steak house). My favorite Philomena, which I love for its festive atmosphere, delicious Italian cuisine and accommodation in Georgetown from Potamaka.

Gold in search of relaxation

We decided to take a trip on the road, and not somewhere to fly as airport security is now such concern, my wife hates boats so cruises out to the car has become our means of travel chosen. We have a large luxury car, and fuel mileage is more than 23 miles per gallon, and it's really comfortable on long drives. We have several relatives in Louisiana and decided that we will go from the state of New York, and will do so many stops as we wanted on this way. No schedules, no meetings, no flight schedule just ride until we get tired, and then choose a place for the review.

We went out in the morning on Tuesday morning in late June and headed west across Pennsylvania on route 84. The road must be the most boring way to Earth. Miles and miles of bumpy concrete can not see anything but trees. I love trees, but after six hours they think they can get pretty boring. Turning south on Route 81, the landscape began to change for the better. Different types of trees, mountain landscapes and less traffic made the drive much better. Before you go on a trip, we have researched the location of every mine, we could find in the southern and southeastern states. There are far more than you might think. North and South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee have many places to visit. In many places, there are sites for the extraction of stones from the rocks, where for a fee you can dig your own dirt or make them do it for you. You can then take place in the sluice channel to fry the gems from your filth.

Panaravanne looks so simple, but in fact you need to practice again and again to learn how to do it right. Pans are made both from metal and plastic, and some have more ridges and "shooting" than others, but any type suits your taste and budget. You strengthen small amount of dirt in the pot, and then type the clean water into the pan. With both hands, you turn the pan in a circular motion, so that water and dirt mixed and hung around the inside of the pan. Then you can choose any large rocks, which are not of the & # 39 are gold or other collectible stone (heating, emerald, etc.), and then continue to turn the material in the pan. In operation, the larger material will be separated and can be rinsed from a pan with clear water.

Always be careful not to wash off the sand, which is a & # 39 is the best indicator of the presence of gold. Little by little, you save all of the pans, with the exception of large pieces of gold (you hope), called clinker, collectors, etc. You very carefully twist the black sand with water, and gold flakes or flower gold will be separated from the sand, as it is heavier and fall to the bottom of the pan. The sand will be on the side of the pan, and gold on the other. Using a bottle with a small end, you gently suck flower gold bottle. Then again very gently pour the contents of the bottle with a flair in a vial or bottle with gold collection. Gold settles at the bottom together with any sand that accidentally sucked. After receiving a large amount of a mixture of gold and sand you can make a second pan if there is excess sand or refer it to analyze gemolaga or cabinet for handling and weighing. If you have a postal scale find something that weighs only an ounce. See how it's small and easy? One ounce of gold is currently worth about $ 1,400. We need to put a lot of work to collect the flower ounce of gold, but one or two "pickers" can quickly lift the weight.

You can find breaded, heating, garnets, emeralds, tourmalines, and many other precious and semi-precious stones. We have one emerald cluster, which weighs more than a pound. I found it on Smaragdnym hollow mine in Hadenite, North Carolina. Someday it will go to gemolaga to peel and cut stones for us. Many of the other stones that we found were made into bracelets or necklaces, and is currently in memory. Smoke quartz, lemon yellow, aquamarine and sapphires can be found at most mining sites in the area.

The best for me was mining for gold itself. Yes, now yellow gold. Nuggets, flakes and gold flower – a passion that can be found in your frying pan. Pan for gold is worth about $ 15, and all you need is a small bottle and a plate to snuff to take gold flower and keep all the gold you find. The first part, you'll find it's a real hit, and then you want to find more and more and more. You'll soon see why so many people are hooked on gold quest. One of the best places we visited was the city DeLong, Georgia. In the city center, which is located in the area of ​​gold mining, there is a big museum where the exhibition will feature a gold nugget with football. in fact, DeLong, GA, United States has been the gold tide before in 1848 with the & # 39 appeared the California gold. They argue that Delon left a million dollars in gold, and I found myself before I left. If you happen to go there, there are many places to go to mine or just sit in the mating call path and that they will dig. We spent a few pleasant hours of pleasant gathering our loot, and even if you do not turn it into jewelry, just an inspection on the stones will return good memories. Make sure that you have a camera. On the corner there is a fantastic museum shop, and I can not remember for the whole life of its name, but they have a huge selection of souvenirs and other fine antiques. I bought soap bars Octagon, I have not seen for fifty years. Plan to spend at least a day in and around Delon.

Do not forget your old clothes that you do not pollute, and certainly comfortable shoes. We found a local hotel more than comfortable and accessible. Every day, we search the Internet to find the nearest location near the mine, and then go there. We saw some of the most beautiful, outside the walls of landscapes, towns and mountain views that you can imagine. Each mine site offers something a little different. Some were operational transactions in which we were not quite sure what they are not "salted" the soil, while others – the roads, which were covered with pots, old wooden benches and an old timer, ready to tell about the gold adventure. We have almost every gold and fees were almost the same at $ 10 for a full foot mud for five gallons. It will take some time to fry the amount of dirt, so does not cook & # 39; yatseytse and buy a fifty-five-gallon drum once.

You will need eight hours to update as much of the soil. If you could keep your hands in the freezing cold water from a mountain flow so long that is. In a three-week trip, we visited more than twenty gold fields. As I have said, some good, some bad, but all were adventure. I occasionally took out two small vials from a box of jewelry, just to look at my raw gold. We also did a scene with an amazing tone in Nashville, Lyuray Keverns in Lura, Virginia, and the estate Biltmor in Eshevile, North Carolina. The gardens and grounds in Biltmor extraordinary and worth the trip. The absence of the schedule on a daily basis makes the trip very enjoyable. We got stuck in Nashville extra day to see, and then to Memphis to see Elvis, and then in Tunica, Mississippi, to try to succeed in their casino. (My wife has returned our money for gas). This summer, we are planning a trip to Merfrysbara, Texas, at a state park Crater of Diamonds, to find mine for diamonds. We have no idea where we are, but you can be sure that we will see more wonderful things that America can offer, and we will have a small package of incentives if we travel.

pit Akersan

Hand-colored photograph by William James Harris

Interest in the early 20th century. hand-colored photographs "Harris"In recent years, it increases, especially in the scenes of Harris in Florida. However, I'll bet that most collectors do not even know the name of Harris, but nothing of its history.

We had no information about Harris until a few years ago, when we remembered Harris in the previous article and asked readers to give us any known information. As a result, we have an article about Harris postcards and an article that was published edition of Harris Historical Society of St. Augustine In 1991, they have shed considerable light car & # 39; EASURES color photography of William James Harris.

William James Harris (1868-1940) was born October 12, 1868 in Gerefordshyry, England. His family & # 39; I emigrated to America in 1870, settling in the area of ​​Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. As a young man known as both the "will be"AND"Willy"Up to 20 years, he studied with a local photographer. Within a year he was able to start his first photographic business, living with his parents and working with his first studio in their home.

In 1890, the 22-year-old Harris moved with his family & # 39; s in B. Pitstan, Pennsylvania, where, although it continued to lead the studio in his parents' house, he also started a car & # 39; a career as a traveler. In the early 1890s he spent much time photographing miners and mining of coal mining in regions of eastern Pennsylvania. Shortly thereafter, he began to use the railways to transport it, as well as its equipment for photos, mountains, lakes, cities, anywhere, I decided to take a camera. Photos office sold Garrysam about this time, pointed his address as West Pitston, Pennsylvania; Tunkhannock, PA; Pitstan, Pennsylvania; Peng Peng, NY; Bingemtan, NY; and Keuka, NY

In 1893, Harris went to the World Exhibition in Chicago, Columbia. There, he began the first of many future advertising exploits. One of the coordinators of the exhibition in 1893 Colombia was the first glimpse of the great George Ferris'Ferris wheel"And it was Harris first, who photographed it. It provided that, up to the roof, about the same height as the central shaft Ferris wheel, it can create the kind in which the wheels curves will not be distorted. This picture was so impressive that Harris donated their 2000 from Ferris Wheel company, each of which provide your name and address, which made it possible to become a young photographer.

In 1895 he married Maud Dan, a marriage that did not last long, as it suddenly and unexpectedly died in 1897.

Shortly after the death of Maude Harris and some of his friends opened a tourism business in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, selling photos Buck Hill Falls, vadalat Delaware and other local attractions for tourists and locals alike. While working with "Harris Gallery"His services are also included cabinet cards and photos with a tin type. This portable studio again served as an excellent advertising feat, as it allowed both to advertise your business and handle their photographic work, wherever he went.

About 1901 Harris married a second time, making the Marion E. Bryyant second Mrs. Harris. Together they had two children, a daughter (Ruth) and son (Carver). This marriage lasted until about 1920. After the divorce Marion Harris returned to PABP, NJ, home with Ruth, leaving Carver with his father.

Shortly thereafter, Harris married Ella Anderson, his third and last marriage.

lake HopatkongIn 1898, Harris moved to a place that played a vital role in his life … Hopatkong Lake, New Jersey. Located in the northern part of New Jersey, it's 9 miles of coast, and the bay make it the largest lake in New Jersey, and the turn of the century lake Hopatkong became a summer mecca for the rich and famous. With a convenient location close to the city of New York, Hopatkong lake serves light summer break from the city heat and long summer "cottages"Which in many cases was more like the mansions began to emerge at the lake. Harris quickly recognized the need in their photographic services here in the summer months.

Beautiful sunsets have become a trademark of Harris while working on Hopatkong lake, and he was far-sighted enough to get a part of the lake, which was recognized as the best sunsets. Being a big promoter of what he was, Harris began to advertise your studio as offering wonderful photos of sunset on the lake. Soon tourists flocked to his studio for his personal and family photos on the lake Hopatkong.

In another motion brilliant public relations, Harris made his personal "floating studio"In the summer of 1899 to replace its land-based portable studio, this floating studio was actually a home boat, specially equipped as a studio. It was called".Harris Photo Float"This flies Studio 16 & # 39; x50 & # 39; was able to travel around the lake and even had a special porch for his famous western photographs While other photographers also worked around the lake, floating studio Harris and his gift to the advertising effect was given. Unfortunately, in 1903 a floating studio Harris stole the bundle and sank, taking with them most of the technical equipment of Harris.

But he quickly recovered from this disaster and continued for nearly 40-year relationship with the lake Hopatkong. Harris went on a summer visit to the lake until 1939, when he was in the 60s, and his photographic car & # 39; EPA start to curl.

St. Augustine, FloridaIn 1898, Harris moved to St. Augustine, Florida, where he opened "Company Acme View"Photography Services Florida Harrysa included the sale of cameras and equipment, free photographic instructions for amateur photographers, using his dark room, as well as professional photographic services to local residents and visiting tourists. He also did not lose time to photograph beautiful places of interest. In St. Augustine surrounding areas of Florida.

Harris quickly fell in love with St. Augustine and more nearly the entire Florida. In the period from 1898 to 1940, Harris began a photographic car & # 39; a career that most of us today seeks to achieve … the summer along the shoreline of beautiful Lake Hopatkong, New Jersey, and winter in the warm and sunny St. Augustine County, Florida.

St. Augustine suggested various photographic subjects that are addressed to an increase in the tourist trade in Florida, including a Fountain of Youth, the oldest house in America, Ft. Marion, the city gatesand Old slave market, Among others.

In 1912, Harris began a long, and sometimes contradictory, relationship with the Historical Society of St. Augustine. Harris, acting head of business and chief curator, played an important role in the recruitment of new members to the historical society, and the promotion of the history and heritage of St. Augustine. While on duty, some members began to challenge some of the unsubstantiated claims of the Historical Society … was "The oldest house in America"In fact, so many years, as claimed? Was"Old slave market"Indeed"slave market"Or it was just"Market public goods".."… well, they could be …"Reviews of certain business people met with resistance by other historical purists, and some changes to the historical claims of St. Augustine led.

Regardless of the controversy, the relationship with Harris St. Augustine Historical Society continued until his death in 1940 and all this time, Harris continued to promote his business card and a photographic St. Augustine.

postcards HarrisIn 1893, visiting an exhibition of Colombia, Harris saw the following trend …postcards. By 1898, Congress passed a law that allowed the manufacture and use of "Private postal card"And yet, what started as a stream, soon it exploded into a huge business. And Harris was in the perfect position to earn their share of the business. Phone was not yet common, and cards will soon become the main means of random communication. In 1901, Harris was selling group with 30 species of the lake Hopatkong that can be inserted into a letter, for converting them into postcards was a relatively simple task: quickly turning most of its cash reserve in the cards and adding new insights each year, Harris was quickly literally hundreds of ve d on a postcard lake Hopatkong and he became known around the lake Hopatkong as "Harris, a man with a card"Anyone who wants to send a private message on their special trip or a holiday on Lake Hopatkong usually do so with the help of Harris postcards. Only in 1909, Harris claimed to have sold more than 200,000 postcards Hopatkong lake and predicted even more on 1910.

As soon as the card it grew, it expanded into the field of novelties and souvenirs, selling paper weights, cups, fancy holders and various other new items with wood and birch branches, all with the title "lake HopatkongAlthough this case was the usual souvenir with & # 39; a reality in St. Augustine and other places, Harris was one of the first to start a similar business on Lake Hopatkong.

Because mania cards beginning to curl around in 1915, Harris was watching from afar success Wallace Nattynga in Massachusetts and soon he decided to enter the field of hand-colored photographs. With his background it was natural.

Hand colored photographsHarris' first attempt to hand-colored photographs was when he first tinted postcards on the lake Hopatkong. Worked in black and white for many years, since 1905, Harris believed that the added color may lead to increased sales. But as he soon found out that the additional costs to the color of the hands of their cards have led to an increase in unit prices, and eventually to a decrease in sales. Ultimately, Harris took the path of so many other photographers of postcards, greeting cards were made to his color in the large-format color printing presses.

As part of its winter cycles in Florida, New Jersey, Harris began to make a new photo with the intention to paint them by hand for re-sale. His best-selling recording soon from & # 39 came from the New York region Adyrondak (especially) profitable abyss) And Florida (especially tower sings) Although the north-eastern region of the picture came from four states, and its photos from all over Florida Miami Art. Augustin sprawling.

soon "Harris Pictures"I began to replace"Harris card"What is his main source of income. According to Carver's son …"what money he had, he had earned from color images"And, perhaps, he has earned enough money to buy homes in Florida and New Jersey, impressive car, home car, as well as some of launches and boats (which allowed him to get around the lake Hopatkong faster than ever).

As Wallace Nattsinga image, picture Harris were usually colorful pictures superimposed on a plate for bedding and signed with the name "Harris" at the bottom right, and heading lower his signature, usually signed in pencil. Most of the pictures were tangled Harris, although a fair amount of it was "closely framed"And signed right in the picture without matyrovki. And quite often you will still find the original"Harris"Marking or boards on the back board, or a substrate.

However, Harris drawings are a few subtle differences between Nattyngam and some of the major photographers, resembling Nattyng:

• Most of the images were Harris oblong, length is usually more than twice as many (or vice versa).

• Harris sold only in appearance. He never sold the scene of colonial inter & # 39; erav.

• You will only see the name "Harris"Signed in the picture, never"W.J.& # 39; or any other version of his name and patronymic. Also there is no mention name and Harris on any label.

• Although "Harris"The name is usually written below the image in parallel, sometimes you'll see"Harris"Your name is written at an angle of 45 degrees.

• Though more unusual, it is not rare to name Harris was lower than the left, and the name – lower case.

• The majority of Harris signatures signed in pencil

And, perhaps most different from Nattynga, many of the paintings are hand-color Harris "photographs"Instead of colorful pictures. Although his early scenes were made on photographic paper, some of his later and most sold types were reflected in the large number of black and white using the print method Photos, and then individually painted by hand. In its peak Harris was almost 100 colorists, at any time, Harris never painted the its more than 5 people.

One interesting story about the picture Harris is associated with several of his paintings depicting the white white white Chapko in water in Florida. Apparently, for the sake of simplicity Harris carried "stuffed"White Heron – part of his photographic equipment, presumably because it was more convenient to shoot the bird performance than live, uncontrolled bird.

Not surprisingly, Harris was usually his best seller, and his pictures were also excursions to sales. Every time he went to the countryside to photograph the new pictures, he used to stay in different shops of art and souvenirs to take new wholesale and retail orders to his painting. It is estimated that more than 70 stores on both coasts of Florida just sent a picture of Harris manual color. Many hotels have used the image of Harris on their walls to promote the beauty of the early 20th century. Florida, and it is estimated that Harris usually need more than 25 000 shots for the season only to meet the demand of its retail outlets in Florida.

And as the season ends in Florida, Harris pack machine, go back to the north and begin the cycle again on Lake Hopatkong in New Jersey.

recent yearsWilliam James Harris died on August 2, 1940, after suffering from a long illness and was buried in his city of St. receiving. Augustine. Harris is not as well known as Wallace Nattyng or any of the other contemporaries Natynga Harris reached a significant level of fame. He enjoyed reasonable financial success in their chosen field of photography, he likes to travel and work between the North East in the summer and Florida in the winter months, he had a variety of family life, he developed strong ties with their adopted city of St. Augustine, Florida, and his photographic work, of course, helped to popularize Florida more than any other photographer of his time.

And now, more than ever, collectors of hand-colored photographs are actively looking for a beautiful hand-colored pictures of William James Harris.