Philadelphia lawyer injuries airbags talks about in airbags affected requirements and requirements of injury.

Airbags provide rapid deployment of high speed with pillows which may exceed 230 miles / hr. The entire process of deployment and inflation is about 0.2 seconds. Air bags are deployed in approximately 0.05 seconds. The car changes so fast speed. Thus, the air bags must inflate rapidly if they help to reduce the risk of passengers hitting the vehicle.

New airbags are triggered at a lower rate. Passengers must be more than 10 centimeters from the bag to avoid injury in a crash bag. While airbags can protect a person under the right circumstances, they can also injure or kill. Protect yourself and your passengers from unnecessary injuries and even deaths.

Airbag produce more than 1,200 pounds of force. Activated air bags could cause serious & # 39; severe eye injuries, including blindness, skin abrasions, damage to hearing (from the sound of the deployment), head trauma, and persons, and the severance of fingers, hands or arms. The most common injuries – injuries to the eye socket and blood flow in the eyeball. Some of these victims continue to develop angle-glaucoma or recessionary pressure in the eye due to rupture of the drainage system of the eye. Glaucoma can slowly destroy the vision. The number of eye injuries from air bags can grow. Avoid smoking a pipe while driving. If the airbag inflates and hits the pipe, it is likely to be fatal, even at a moderate accident.

In 1990, it reported the first car accident, associated with the airbag. deaths peaked in 1997 53 in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 1990 as a result of low severity of accidents due to falling airbags killed 227 people.

Sur & # 39; serious and even fatal injuries can occur when someone is near or in direct contact with the airbag module when the airbag is deployed. Such injuries can be applied intolerant or improperly restrained occupant, the seat slides forward during braking before the crash, the driver unconscious, which spread over the steering wheel, and properly restrained driver who is sitting too close to the steering wheel.

Children under 12 years of age must always be limited in the back seat. Rear child restraint device should never be placed on the front seat of a vehicle with a front passenger airbag. This restraint system has a baby's head close to the airbag module.

Philadelphia prosecutor suffered from personal injuries and talks about Philadelphia

There are certain legal rules which apply when a trial requires a permit the jury to sit on the scene. Jury to view the jury is rarely necessary, and, where justified, the jury may be brought to the location. John vs. First Union 777 A.2d 489 (Pa. Super. 2001). Negligence recent jurisprudence testifies to the rarity with which is appointed by the opinion of the jury.

If there are many photos of the scene and expert visits to the scene, several secular witnesses were also at the scene and may give evidence about the conditions of the jury will be able to weigh the evidence and draw the appropriate conclusions. in fact, without a visit to the scene itself. Although the pictures are never so revealing as they show the jury actually call to hope for photographic evidence in almost every trial. There is no reason why the jury will not be able to do this.

Any opinion of the jury was to be held in the month of the accident in order to simulate the conditions. Jury jury would have to happen on the day of the terms of the out & # 39; I like the ones that were at the time of the accident. Since it is impossible to produce the same amount of ambient light while watching the jury, such a view necessarily confuse the jury. T

In carrying out its opinion, the court may take into account the potential benefits of the jury opinion in its deliberations, as judge of the difficulties and the costs of organizing and viewing the evidence already presented at the trial. Higgins, above. Regardless of the venue of the trial, the court is unlikely to interfere with the jury to arrive on the scene to see what has been shown in the photos and details about the experts and the secular witness. Given the time and unnecessary costs associated with the relocation of the jury, a lawyer and trial judges to the scene and the danger of entanglement of the jury, the defendant in the request for the consideration of the jury in the spot normally be refused.

The greatest marketing company – legendary customer service

Most businesses spend more time, money and energy to find new customers than they spend on the development of a great customer service experience.

Good customer service is no longer enough good, it should be a great legendary customer service experience "emotionally". A recent Gallup poll showed that a client who "emotionally connected" to your place of work is likely to spend 46% more money than a buyer who just "satisfied" but not with the & # 39 is emotional.

The logic of providing a great customer experience is simple – not only happy customers spend more money with you, but also tell your friends and family & # 39; and about your business and how you treat them, with the result that receive the least of the least expensive form of advertising word mouth.

The most difficult task for the management of the company – it is a clear, compelling, meaningful vision of "sensational customer service", which comes to life on the front line, because the staff of the first line & # 39 are the key to the legendary customer service.

Excitement, passion and commitment to the company's "emotionally connect" with customers must be known, to own and fed every day the front line staff.

Here are eight steps to creating legendary customer service culture.

1. The company must understand, first and for most, it is the business of business on customer service, not just retail, manufacturing and professional business. Zappos sells shoes online, but they are extremely successful, as customers, employees and vendors have their own WOW "fully committed" to the culture of customer service. customer service is not one of & # 39 is the department of Zappos, a company.

2. Attach an aggressive effort to identify unspoken wishes, needs and desires of customers. Great, legendary customer service is obtained, providing something more than what customers traditionally expect.

3. Select the right people. In his book "Good to Great" by Jim Collins said: "People – this is not the most important asset, and" RIGHT "In most enterprises bad the employment of people they employ any person and place them at the forefront of customer Spend more time… on recruiting and hiring the right people with the friendly people who are passionate and enthusiastic service to others.

4. mark the behavior that you would expect from its employees; continually communicate your passion and vision for how employees should act, speak and respond to the needs and requests of customers. Train and enable employees to solve problems on the spot. An estimated 95 percent of the factors that determine the reputation of the company in the hands of front line employees. They give the impression of customers and prospects that form an organization's reputation. Especially need to be trained, and the money should be spent on training and continually motivating them.

5. Maintain continuous training, communication, and gain recognition. Good customer service skills are not natural for most people. It is necessary to support effective learning customer service and teach him all the time. For example, Ritz-Carlton hotels provide a thorough training program for all customers during the orientation. Then, each manager carries out the daily "get-together" for the consideration of the fundamental value of the company with its employees before each shift.

6. Observe, aware and reward excellent behavior of the customer service. For example, employees want to be paid well, but they also want to be treated with respect and expressed their gratitude. The least impact on the motivation and inspiration employees provides the first line of the head. Reward those who exceed the standards and provides training and motivation for those who do not.

7. Get feedback from customers and reduce defect levels. On average, business annually loses 15-20% of its customers as a result of competition. All enterprises meet the level of defects, but few of them are doing a lot. Develop a feedback system which allows the customer to evaluate. Measure results and make sure that employees see scores. "You can not improve what you do not appreciate."

8. I am pleased to look for customer complaints. A 2006 study in the college of Pennsylvania and Vertanskim Verde Group of business showed that if retail customers are angry at the company, only six per cent applied to the company to complain. However, thirty-one percent said their family & # 39; and either their friends. Since then thirty-one percent, eight percent said one man, and eight per cent – two people. Six percent told six or more people. Under the old times & # 39; furiously customers, according to the survey, companies have lost thirty-two to thirty-six other current or prospective customers.

It really does not make sense to destroy good marketing by making customers angry; bad experience upset customers as fast as everyone else that you can do. Look at customer complaints as a golden opportunity to improve.

Bill Gates said: "Your most unhappy customers – it is your greatest source of learning."

Lawyer hit by the Montgomery County personal injury tells Philadelphia

Applied reason must be specified in each call to the injury. Applied cause exists if the wrongful act was a significant source of injury claim. Dudley against USX Corp., 606 A. 2d 916 (Pa. Super. 1992). Negligence of the defendant should not be the sole cause harm, but only a significant factor. Shippen Tp. v. Portage Tp., 575 A. 2d 157 (Pa. Cmwlth. 1990). The defendant is responsible for the negligence of the entire amount of damages if the defendant's negligence was a substantial factor in causing the damage, although both causes could have contributed to crippling. Monzo v. Com. The Department of Transport, 556 A. 2d 493 (Pa. Cmwlth. 1989).

After the plaintiff cites facts that allow reasonable to conclude that the defendant's actions were a significant source of injury, the fact that some other reason coincides with the negligence of the defendant at damaging, does not exempt the defendant from liability if it can not specify that would be another reason was injured regardless of his negligence. Philadelphia vs. Masantonio, 533 A. 2d one thousand one hundred twenty-seven (Pa. Cmwlth. 1987). Negligence of the defendant is not & # 39 is essential if the damage would have been done, even if the defendant would not be careless. Henry against MakKrudena, 575 A. 2d 66 (Pa. Cmwlth. 1990).

Probable cause does not exist, if the defendant's act caused harm. White v. Rosenberry, 271 A. 2d 341, 343 (Pa 1970.); Bell v. Irace, 619, A.2d 365, 367 (Pa. Super. 1993). Exclusion of liability occurs at the "point of causal chain, when the consequences of negligent act wiser not expected." Id.

Five fans honeymoon in the US

We all know how expensive weddings can be, and if the couple pays their own, they often give up the honeymoon, which are usually worth it. Some of the most popular holiday destinations in the world as a & # 39 are among the most expensive. In the past, it was an additional expense when you need to hire a travel agent to plan honeymoon vacation, but these days, many people do not even take the job agent, and serve as a home agent. The Internet makes this possible by making wedding months possible for many more people with a variety of budgets. If you still difficult to afford an exotic vacation for a honeymoon, but you can go to an alternative path, moving their honeymoon in the United States. If you live in the US, in the states of rest will cost much cheaper than a trip outside the United States. And the most remarkable thing in planning a honeymoon in the US is that there are a lot of great destinations that are full of romance and excitement that you are looking for a honeymoon. If you are looking for a destination from the tropical weather & # 39; it, a beautiful view of the mountains or a refreshing forest air, you will find everything here in the US. And the best part is that the honeymoon is going to cost much less right here in the states, but still you do not lose any of the natural beauty, which could enjoy anywhere else. These five areas, in particular, create the perfect wedding months, which will remain in your memory forever.

New Orleans – New Orleans – perfectly romantic place for honeymoon, but also very affordable, especially during times of all-season, when the time if you are going to marry and take their honeymoon. The French Quarter offers a special experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Rejoice in the wonderful scenery, night excitement and romance in the air, without spending the whole capital.

New York – In the United States a better honeymoon than New York. Here you can drink and dine in some of the finest restaurants in the country, to see the show and indulge in a fine hotel with all the amenities. A trip to New York might seem that it will be expensive, but it is likely to be significantly less than somewhere exotic.

Poconos – this is one of the most romantic honeymoons, as well as one of the most affordable. Trip to Pokanos in Pennsylvania can be as luxurious as you want, and the same low prices as you want it to be, and without sacrificing the romance in the air.

Miami – a place to do a honeymoon for the newlyweds, couples and older youth. Dip the sun and sand without having to pay to go to a remote island and see what is romantic.

Hawaii – Although more expensive than others, no one can deny the romance, which is offered by Hawaii, and it is actually more accessible than many people think. Go beyond the season, and you can save even more money and still spend a great honeymoon.

If you do not have an infinite budget for honeymoon, stay close to home and travel to one of these beautiful places.

Cell phones are becoming suras & # 39; oznay dangerous driving

According to statistics, people will die as a result of a car accident every 12 seconds in the United States. Statistics also show that car crashes & # 39 are the main cause of death of Americans aged 35 years or younger, and 98% of reported road accidents linked to one distracted driver.

Distracting problems include rubber Walking (observation of other drivers and accidents), driver fatigue, looking at scenery, drawn in connection with passengers or a child, the establishment of radio and cell phone use. In fact, a new study confirms that the reaction time of cell phone users slows dramatically, increasing the risk of accidents and tying traffic in general.

cellular and Internet Association reports that in 1990 about 4.3 million people have signed up for wireless devices such as cell phones; In May 2007, this number was 236 million. With increasing dependence on mobile phones, of course, increased the number of people who use them while driving. Mostly two dangers related to driving while using mobile phones: the drivers have to take your eyes off the road to dial, and people are so paglynulisya in conversations that their ability to concentrate on driving impaired.

Professor of psychology at the University of Utah David Shtraer in his study on the use of cell phones and car accidents said: "If you put a 20-year-old driver behind the wheel with a cell phone, their reaction times are the same with the 70 year old who does not use a mobile phone." Strayer study was published in the quarterly journal Human Factors.

Each year, pulling the cell phone while driving causes some 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries in the United States. Since the data on the use of cell phones are somewhat limited, the actual number of deaths and injuries can be much higher. Strayer and his colleagues found that even the use of mobile phones with handsfree distracts drivers. They explain that drivers are looking for, but in fact they do not see, because they are distracted by a conversation in which they lead.

According to this study, scientists found that motorists who talk on cell phones while driving, less agile than drunk drivers with a blood alcohol level exceeding the legal boundaries. Loose reaction cell phone users have included a second, not just the fraction of a second, so the road to stop increased length of the machine, rather than legs.

Motorists who use mobile phones while driving are four times more likely to get into an accident, sufficient sur & # 39; serious to injure themselves, according to a study from the Insurance Institute Highway Safety. In July 2005, the study suggested that the ban on the use of mobile phones does not improve safety when drivers simply switch to hands-free phone and continue talking and distracted. The study concluded that the risk of accident and injury, do not pitch & # 39; iruetstsa depending on the type of cellular phone being used. In 2001, New York was passed the first law banning the use of mobile phone while driving, which caused a national debate about the extent of the dangers of using a cell phone while driving.

In May 2007, Washington became the first state, which banned the practice of text messaging while driving; fine for DWT (driving while texting) is $ 101, but it is a secondary offense, that is, the driver should be held for some other offense before punishment can be imposed DWT.

While cell phones are playing neodymium & # 39; emnuyu role in our society, the convenience they offer, can be a very high price.

Philadelphia attorney responsible for the services of a lawyer, tells about the services that are sent to Philadelphia

Reference Services of lawyers available across the Internet. This article casts doubt on the effectiveness of such services. There are three main types of reference services online lawyers: 1] sites of state or city bar association, 2] advertising and marketing agencies 3] Services of lawyers lawyers.

On the websites of the Bar are lists of lawyers in various areas of law. Some sites require that listed lawyers have professional certification. Many do not. Small financial incentives for these sites to make the maximum possible referrals. And so, this is not the ideal way to search the Internet for a lawyer.

Study sites that carry advertising agencies, also are lists. These lists require lawyers who are looking for business. Financial incentive sites is to sell advertising, and do the best referrals. There are virtually no quality control. If you choose almost blindly from the list of lawyers, you do not know what you're getting. This is usually not a good way to find a lawyer.

Sites lawyers attorneys attorney controlled. Referalnyya services that are carried out under the supervision of lawyers offering free referrals across the country, so you can find the personal injury lawyer in your area that best suits you and your business. These lawyers should be constantly expanding national network of court lawyers resorted to when they are a law firm is not able to present to you.

The lawyer must personally handle all the calls, faxes and e-mails about possible destinations. He should personally contact the lawyers referalnay network to ensure maximum coincidence. And he has to contact you personally, almost always within 24 hours, with the recommendations. Then he must follow to make sure you are happy. Finally, he must personally supervise all directions along the route, to make sure that it goes smoothly.

A lawyer who manages the help desk, the lawyer is paid only after the successful completion of the case. The motivation is to find you a lawyer, which is to maximize your recovery, and to do so with all speed.

Happy Birthday, New Mexico

2012 marks the 100th year since the entry of New Mexico in the Union and became the 47th State. In New Mexico, there have been many events and personalities that have made the state a unique for its 100 years.

During World War II, New Mexico was the site of secret Manhattan Project, in which leading US scientists have sought to create the first atomic bomb, testing it about Alamagordy, New Mexico in 1945.

Roswell, New Mexico, was the subject of conversation about life in foreigners when local ranchar named Mac Brazel found on his property unknown debris. Many believed that this debris was the remains of an alien spaceship crashed in the desert of New Mexico, one in July 1947. curiosity continues to this day to what happened.

American groups inhabiting the territory of New Mexico for thousands of years. Across the state prove their ancient existence of manifest discovery of abandoned cities early trade corridors; Housing rocks and pits; kivas and symbols carved into the rock. Today, New Mexico has as its residents 22 Indian tribes, which include 19 Indian pueblos and three reservations.

Some of the "famous people" New Mexico Var & # 39; iruyutstsa of unbridled William (Billy the Kid) Bonner; Army scout and trapper, Kit Carson; blues guitarist After Diddley; author Tony Hilerman; race car drivers Al Unser and Bob, the painter Georgia O & Kief and actress Demi Moore.

The whole story – a noticeable part of New Mexico; However, enthusiasm for the author and the love of food leads her to Alice Stevens and Typtan The original production of culinary New Mexico (1916) and Emma Ferguson and her Mexican cookbook (One thousand nine hundred thirty four). Typtan and Ferguson showed bold creativity and ingenuity in the preservation of the local culinary customs, despite the supply trends across the United States, which showed in different directions. Typtan specifically insisted on the use of ingredients of New Mexico and is probably ahead of its time.

Cookbooks Typtana and Ferguson gave initial comprehensive description of how you can create your favorite historic dishes. Some of these dishes include corn and flour tortillas, red and green chilli sauce, red-chyliski enchyladas cheese, chili relenas, Tamale, flange and many other dishes.

Soon after cookbooks Tipton & # 39 was issued; s and Ferguson, four influential Hispanic homes transferred some of their own recipes in cookbooks significant. Worried that the descendants of colonial Spanish soon abandon the majority in the state, they are looking for new ways to encourage Mexicans to safeguard their heritage on the preservation of culinary traditions. If you read any of their books, enjoy cooking in New Mexico, even eat it in restaurants, you will definitely affect their efforts.

In the study of this article, this author encountered two beautiful ladies, who also contributed to the culinary history of New Mexico. Their names Kathy Gryggs, Kamyunes Mick and Edith Warner.

Located in the southern part of New Mexico – a city of the Messiah. In the town there is a building called La Posta de Mesilla, which dates back to the earliest days of Mesilla, when the pioneers began to move back after the war with Mexico. In 1848, this structure served as a main stop on the scenic line Baterfild and at the Corn Exchange, one of the best houses in the south-west. Today Connect La Posta is located in the National Register of historic buildings

In 1939, Kathy Grygs, at age 19, opened La Posta as a tiny "chili-party". Uncle sold her to the corner of the building of "one dollar, love and mercy." It was just four tables on the dirt floor, and when the mother was cooking back, Cathy worked as a fun and joyful hostess received guests, take orders, doing risky notes and admired all of its customers. . The restaurant has grown in size as well as on the status, and the like going on the menu. Granddaughter Katie, Zheren Kamunes and her husband, Tom – the current owners-managers, who use it in some recipes Kathy. Cookbook La Posta (1971).

Edith Warner grown in Pennsylvania, moved to New Mexico in 1922. Her little cottage with views of the Rio Grande in northern New Mexico. Her house was standing next to the bridge Started, adnapalosnym suspension bridge across the river on NM 502 that passed through San Ildefonso of Puebla, as well as in peradgor & # 39; s Emez mountains at Los Alamos. At this time, the future site of the Manhattan Project with the & # 39 there was a school boy at the ranch.

Edith supported himself by opening his office in the tea hut that served as the occasional traveler to accidentally pass by. In 1943, after the US government bought the Los Alamos for the Manhattan Project, philanthropists Edith changed. Already known for its chocolate cake, Edita became the place for the natural meeting point for scientists and the military. How to remember a resident of Los Alamos, Edith, dressed in white leggings female neighboring Pueblo, quietly serve all without asking annoying questions.

Wishing to maintain its research team and happy mood, Robert Oppenheimer, Manhattan Project director of the project, let Edith get high food prices, providing it with access to the Commissioner and the storage of the chocolate and butter.

Food and culture often go hand in hand. Over the past 100 years, since the state of New Mexico, it would be difficult to deal with a sense of the impact of American values ​​and customs. In almost all the persecution, as well as in education, business, and even the war, New Mexico match the rest 49 states. Culturally, however, New Mexico remains separate. Most of the residents of Pueblo, Navajo and Hispanic residents committed to the preservation of their most cherished customs; and most of their English neighbors welcome and appreciate this commitment to heritage and tradition, and looking for opportunities to participate in its blessings.

Congratulations and happy birthday, New Mexico, Country Bowl

Attorney Philadelphia suffered from personal injuries

If a pedestrian deliberately chooses the shortest route through the park owner's land, "doubtful" or & # 39 is the licensee of a pedestrian or traffic violator. Ott v. Unclaimed Freight, 577 A.2d 894, n. 6 (Pa. Cons. 1990). In Ott was a pedestrian, who often used the shortcut through the parking lot. Other people have also used the parking lot as the owner of the label. Nevertheless, the court could not conclude that the offender has been pedestrian.

If the one who often deliberately adopts a conventional label on the territory of another's property may be the licensee, of course, the one who inadvertently and once sent to the property of another, not from the & # 39 is the violator. Thus, the person with the & # 39 is a license at the time of the accident.

"Licensee" is defined as "a person who has the right to enter or remain on land only on the basis of consent of the owner." Ott v. Unclaimed Freight, supra, referring to § 330 of the Restatement (Second) of Torts. Note E to § 303 states that the "consent" of the owner can be expressed not only with words, but only actions. Ott v. Unclaimed Freight, above. "(W) other owner behavior can be interpreted as acceptance depends on the specific facts and circumstances of each case." Id. Comment e "he believes that if the owner allows people to cut its property as a shortcut, to persons who cross the property will be treated as litsenziyatary, rather than the perpetrators, unless ownership of the message does not inform or otherwise show no objection." Ott, supra.

Failure to submit a message that warns the public about the violation of offenses can not reasonably be interpreted as an expression of consent to the invasion of those familiar and notorious ignored such notice. Company Lighting Company Longbottom v. Sim-Kar, 651 A.2d 621 (Pa. Cmmwlth. 1994), referring to the "Restatement (Second)" Torts, § 330, commentary C.

A Brief History of Richmond, Illinois

Richmond, Illinois, is very small and quaint town on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. Its population is now around 1500, but the new buildings housing four-fold increase in the number of homes over the next 10 years. It is called the "village Esteryer" because it boasts many Victorian style homes and an interesting array of antique shops.

William A. McConnell credited with founding the village of Richmond.

Also known as "The Squire" McConnell was 27-year-old carpenter and farmer who lived in Pennsylvania. He dreamed of independence and went to Richmond on horseback in 1837. In his biography McConnell said that in this area there are only two neighbors. He singled out the claim on 480 acres of land and bought it when he & # 39; to hit the market in 1840 under the Treaty on the Blackhawk. Family conversation states that McConnell spent his first night under a tree oak across from today's school Rychmonda. This is a very mature tree is still standing. After all, McConnell, a great-grandson, calls it "a small oak tree." While Richmond has been mostly prairie stained oak and still part of the District of Lake County, Illinois.

In 1838, McConnell and his new wife Elizabeth built a log cabin 16 & # 39; x 18 & # 39; in which his family & # 39; I lived for 15 years. It was located to the west of the current Grace Lutheran Church, and it was the first residence, built in the town of Richmond.

The mill was built in Nippersinku around 1840, and now occupies the area restaurant Doyle.

In 1852, McConnell built a house in the style of Greek Revival across the road from the log. He and his family & # 39; I have lived in this house 20 years raising three sons. In 1872, he gave the house to his son John.

With McConnell bought from the state about 1,400 acres over time. the city limits were set in 1844, and Richmond got its name in competition with the man who rose to the highest, when the new mill was built. This man was Isaac Reed, who chose the name of the village, which is remembered from his childhood in Vermont.

McConnell engaged many local activities. He was a member of the Railway Commission, the legislator in Springfield, selected District Commissioner McEnroe, the first justice of Peace Rychmonda first post master and an assistant referee for 16 years. He belonged to the first group in the temperature McEnroe District.

McConnell opened the first cheese factory about half a mile west of the city. The old bank building on Broadway was the son of George Makkonela. "This is a bank of Uncle George. That's how we like to call him," remembered Makkonell Indeed, the great-grandson of William A. Makkonela.

How it was named Richmond

Theodore Purdy acquired Neues Charles A. frame in 1937. Purdy overlaid village in 1844 by Charles Kottsingam who settled in Richmond in 1844.

A competition was organized to the one who stood up to the new mill could be called a village. Isaac Reed won the contest and named in honor of the village of Richmond, Vermont, where he lived as a child.

Richmond grows

By the mid-1840s, Richmond town resembled a hotel, sawmill, producer of wagons, a doctor and a lawyer. McConnell built a cheese-making factory (perhaps the first in the county McEnroe) west of the city.

Officially registered by September 2, 1872 Fillmore Dr Bennett was elected the first president of the village. The first director of the school in Fillmore wrote poems and hymns. "In the sweet bye" it was the most famous.

Railroad tracks with & # 39 appeared in the 1850s. McConnell was one of the directors of the railways. The first train crossed Nippersank, in 1855.

memorial hall

Charles DeVito McConnell donated a village $ 10 000, "which will be used for the construction of the village or the town hall, which will be called the Memorial Hall, and use it, if it is required by the church community and school functions or be it used for immoral exhibitions or immoral show … "The president of the village EK Kovell purchased the land where now stands the Memorial Hall in Charles Cruz, who owned a hardware store on the corner in the center of Broadway and Rt. 12. Then the hardware store was the story Emporium antiques, and now on top of the front wall you can see the name "Kruse".

Memorial Hall was built in the early 1900s. He put an auditorium with a balcony and a stage on which the Players J.. B. Rotnura advocated for many years.

Richmond Police Department took part basement with two cameras prison.

Meetings of the village councils were held in the Memorial Hall as long as 1993 is not a new village council was built. This building is now in conjunction with the police department. Hall remained vacant until Chris Gallagher in 1992 did not submit a grant Illinoyskaga Arts Council to create a Center for Creative Arts Nippersink. Founding members include Christina Gallagher, Yvonne Klens Carolyn Janus, Donna Coral and Nancy Richardson. Many local groups to donate money to the organization. Center for Creative Arts pushed to Memorial Hall is a historic landmark building, what it is today.

Public Library has used the hall, since the 1930s. In 1940 the library moved to the pharmacy building at Broadway and Main. But the July 7, 1972 the library moved back to the Memorial Hall, before moving to its own building in 1990.

In addition to working rural authorities, in the Memorial Hall passed school plays and graduations. Basketball games are played, beginning with 1908.

Other activities included a basement meeting Scouts boys, American Legion and a group of senior citizens, which was called "Pioneer". Here lived the local polling station.

Firehouse Richmond

The first meeting of the voluntary fire brigade of Richmond was founded in 1926 in the Memorial Hall, which was headed by Mayor George. "Curly" Stevens.

mail Richmond

communication service operating for over 150 years. Designed in 1940, William A. McConnell served as the first post master for six years. In the early years of settlers in this region are more solace in the mailroom, which brought the news of the events of his hometown. Already in 1960 in the Chicago Tribune was delivered to the post office. Farmers needed to bees, which brought in the mail, and they sent the eggs in a large city.

By 1946 the train brought the mail in Richmond. Since 1946, the mail is delivered by trucks. Currently pashtamter – William Shoppee 1988.

The new mayor of the state Richmond, Illinois – Lori Olsson. Something & # 39; I Olson has a long history in Richmond. Before she was elected mayor in 2004, Olsson has been home and host volunteers.