Videographic tips for your success in video

One of the best things I did recently was work as a volunteer cameraman at a charity shop to where I live. The video would be a 30-minute documentary on the work of a children's charity. As a group, we have traveled to several rehabilitation hospitals in several cities in Vietnam.

As a speaker, I always try to perfect my storytelling ability. But as a videographer, my role now shifts to looking from the outside; first to recognize the story and then immediately record it in the video. I have already started using the video arsenal by doing video blogs for my website. I already knew and practiced some videography skills. But a few events surprised me and helped me grow my expertise.

Here is my scenario. I traveled with our team of 11 interpreters and hospitals providing full-day workshops to parents and young children with cerebral palsy. The rooms were cramped. It was hot and humid. By the end of the day, the children were tired and crying. Sometimes I had to jump from room to room shooting scenes of children from 9 months to 17 years old. I sought to capture the emotion in the faces of mothers and their children. I also wanted to profile each of our healthcare professionals who volunteered to work with these children.

We would leave the hotel by 7am and not return until 5pm most days. In addition to wanting to visit and have dinner with our team in the evenings, I usually had no less than two hours of work in my room, backing up, reviewing and indexing the entire days of videos I collected. But I was in my element because there was a lot going on around me. I felt I had a story to tell and tell. The following are tips I have learned that I would like to share.

1] Don't assume that you will only hold the camera and record the video. You may need to step in and be a producer, choreographer and editor – from the beginning to the end of the video production. Also, your editor will allow you to record the video exactly the way you want and save you valuable valuable later editing time.

2] Make sure you have enough battery power – enough to power the camera all day. Buy the largest battery you can. I had 2; 1 for the morning and 1 for the afternoon. Some days we were out for 12 hours. Make sure you also buy an external battery charger. The built-in camera charger is poor standby. Don't rely on it when you shoot your way everyday. You would not want to risk blowing the camera electronics while charging the battery. One reality was that I did not have a backup camera. If it had broken, I would have sat out of work.

3] Have a travel backpack that you can easily carry and access during daily video skipping. I was 2. The main thing was my carrying with all my video equipment. When traveling, you do not want to report your sensitive video equipment. For day trips, bring a smaller backpack with lots of pockets that you can comfortably fold over your shoulder or back so you can easily access it while shooting.

4] Have a long extension chord for your hotel room when backing up your videos and recharging your batteries every night. I took this advice from a work colleague traveling abroad and it saved me big time. The hotels we stayed at usually only had 1 plug that was easily accessible, though across the room from where all my laptops and video devices were placed. If I didn't have this long power cord with me, I would be in a terrible situation.

5] Make backup copies every night, not two. Review them to make sure they are properly copied before deleting from the camera. I made 2 backups; 1 on the laptop drive and the other on the external USB drive.

6] Have a laptop with a video viewer so you can view your videos to make sure you have the necessary shots that are not flashy or out of focus. I had a video browser installed on my laptop so I can quickly watch my video of the day, ie. lighting, scrolling or maybe a bit too stirring. Errors made today can be corrected for tomorrow's shooting.

7] Make sure you have enough spare SD memory cards. Sometimes they can become bad or get lost because of their small size. Maybe you found good content and decided to take longer to record everything.

8] Hold the hand strap on the camera. If your camera falls out of hand, you have 1 more chance to save your camera from bouncing on concrete. This saved me several times, especially in the hot climate when the workdays were 10+ hours and I was tired.

9] The wrist should be marked as your country's flag. Mine was a red TEDx tape and actually started a few conversations with other tourists and the eventual business card exchange.

10] Wear hiking shorts with lots of pockets. I had SD cards, batteries, a notebook, a pen, a water bottle and everything else in my pocket.

11] Tripods are big and cumbersome. I had a telescopic carbon monopod which was great for getting me into tight spots quickly. It also adapts on the go. It was so comfortable holding and adjusting the telescopic legs. It was also great for crossing my head to people when a crowd developed around my topic. Canopies also make a dramatic impact. There is nothing like getting into the subject of a story.

12] You may have a story in mind, but be prepared to follow a segway story or 2 that may unfold before your eyes. Always be on the lookout for scenes and stories that unfold around you. Keep your camera and microphone turned on to record this video with good sound. These can be masked blessings that will give your story a twist or a twist. Remember, you might also collect enough good footage for 2 or 3 additional stories to edit and publish later.

13] You always have a video camera on hand during the day of filming – even in the evening when you are with the crew for dinner. You never know when a video story might break out in front of you. You want to be able to record it. While taxiing, I got a very insightful opinion from one of our Vietnamese interpreters on the history of CP in Vietnam. True episodes like this just can't be repeated.

14] The camera must be visible around your team or subject. Subjects will become so accustomed to you that they will not know in the end whether you are recording them or not. This is great for capturing those candid shots. My purpose was to record them at work around parents and children as honestly as possible. We all know that as soon as cameras appear, people go to the stone door, store it, and rehearse it. You want to catch them as relaxed, open and natural as possible.

15] Be sure to bring a variety of energy bars and snacks, including water in your pack or pockets. I haven't and there have been days where we haven't eaten in a while. You want to keep the energy. Nothing worse than hunger pangs or thirst that will keep you from recording videos.

16] The most important thing is to index all your videos daily while your day is still fresh. I started skating after the first few days and started to forget which clips were where they came from. I quickly corrected this by doing an excel list on my laptop, indexing by clip number and briefly describing the scene, location, and significance. I did this every night in my hotel room while I recharged the batteries and backed up. If you know which story to follow, you can start tagging certain clips to use in your documentary. This saves you time when you get home. It was also helpful for me to review all the clips every night to get this into my mind; what I was tired of and what I still needed.

17] Keep your videos up to 2-3 minutes long, even for one minute. Once back in Canada, I found that it was much quicker to find a video by searching 5 one-minute clips than if I were looking for 1 clip in 5 minutes. This discovery completely surprised me.

18] My key topic Laverne and I have come to an agreement is that every time she feels the epiphany of emotional comments ready to surface, she will signal to come as soon as possible and record my monologue. These comments will be streamed through the documentary to truly reflect what happened during our three-day mission. It helps the videographer to get to know their person quickly by spending some time with them over coffee, drinks or meals. In this case, it's been easy since Laverne and I have become good friends in the last few years.

Upon returning to our hotel, at the end of the day, we always had a one-hour conversation in the dining room, giving each team member the opportunity to share whatever they wanted, whether it was related to their workshop or their real feelings in general. This is the time to grab ideas for other video clips that I could record the next day. It was also a great way for the team to build and share their experiences as a group in a far away country.

There he is; my tips for aspiring videographers. I am already looking forward to my next video journey in which I will further refine my skills mentioned above. Good luck video magazines!


Carp love french fries?

In the fall of the year, the last Sunday of September, my son, brother, myself and a friend travel on a 3-hour trip to McConnelsville, Ohio. This is an autumn fishing trip where we usually stay for about three days. We are fishing in an area owned by AEP (America Electric Power Company), this area is open to the public; all that is needed is a permit that you can print from their website. The AEP has about 300 fish lakes, some very small, while others are more than a kilometer long. But this is not a story about fishing in the AEP area, this is a story about carp and catfish Muskingum.

Every day we follow around at the AEP, then head back to our hotel in the evening, the Three Sisters Inn Hotel on NW 60. That's a great thing about our trip; we hunt at Bass all day, then around 4:00 pm or so to get back to the hotel cleaning a bit and then eat something. Due to the time it takes to get back to the lake and the fact that across the hotel is the Muskingum River and the hotel has its own docks, we had to try some river fishing. We usually never fish for carp, but we realized "hey why not". I didn't come on this trip to sit around a hotel room and watch television, I can do it at home too.

It gets interesting here, but I have to give you the look of the area. The hotel is on the main drive, and next to the hotel is a small restaurant; no big chain, just a small town restaurant, but really good food. Not far from the restaurant is McDonald's. I know you tell yourself what it has to do with carp and catfish fishing; hang on and I'll tie it all up.

OK, this is the moment I decided to cross the road and try carp and catfish to try. Others in my group were less keen on carp or cat fishing. You can tell they were a little picky in fishing for anything but Bass. I watched my fishing gear and picked out the heaviest rod and line I had with me. I assembled the device in Kentucky with one hook. But here's the part of the story that made it a little difficult for people to believe. As I was getting fishing gear, one of the sisters at Three Sister Hotel told me the best bait to use for McDonald's fries; yes, you read that right, McDonald's fries. So having never hunted Carp before, I listened to any advice I could get. So I go to a restaurant and buy bait; by the way this is the first time i can eat my fishing bait.

So here I am at the docks with fries, a stick and a scoop and I'm ready to try my luck. At about the time I was about to throw the others I got bored and they came to watch me fish and joke around. Well in a few minutes I pulled a 5 LB carp that let me fight and purified the water a couple of times just like the bass. I stuffed the hook back with my special bait and it wasn’t long before I pulled in another fish, but this time it was catfish. Well it wasn't long before the dock had four lines with a special bait and we were all fishing. My brother who has never hunted carp became a real fan in a very short time and landed more fish than the rest of us. We had the great ideal of trying the fries served at the small restaurant I mentioned; but he couldn't bite. Fish know what they like and close, they don't count.

The moral of this story is that old dogs can learn new tricks we knew for sure.


J & # 39; iame Paris – Cheap Vacations

It was the time of year again. February, which meant, as a famous song used to say, "Love is all around." So my boyfriend, Gerard, and I decided that since this would be our first Valentine's Day together, we wanted to go big without paying an arm and a leg for our trip, which meant we were targeting a budget vacation. So when he told me he had booked us a trip to Paris, the city of love, I knew this was going to be the best day of love!

All that awful stuff …

Honestly, I've never been one to celebrate Valentine's Day. I don't know why, but it always seemed like a marketing scam more than a real celebration of love. But this year, I thought I’d throw my theories out the door and enjoy what it is. Marketing scam or not, I wanted all the usual petty Valentines.

When Gerard and I arrived in Paris, we booked at our hotel near the city center. We had the most amazing view that included a view of the Eiffel Tower. Yes, we were in Paris and the air was filled with excitement. Someone once told Gerard and me that Paris looked like romance was embedded everywhere, that you were surrounded by all the corners and poets' parks, gardens and art. That the Parisians knew how to enjoy life to the fullest and that they knew when to give up, so there was always time for the more important things in life.

Living the life of Parisians …

On our first day in Paris, it all started in true Parisian style, with a cafe and croissants for breakfast in a cafe down the road. I think Gerard and I both appreciated the way people sat in the morning with a cup of coffee, taking time to read the papers, almost as if they were in no hurry to start the day.

We spent the rest of the day walking around town and making one or two tourist hotspots, but not before we did one thing Gerard insisted on. Ever since I met Gerard, he mentioned to him once or twice that he wanted to go to the Louvre Museum, so when he finally got the chance, I was glad to share it with him.

While not quite what I expected, the Mona Lisa was definitely something that, I must even admit, was something magnificent. Gerard, who knew much more about art than I, explained the history of other artists, but what I liked most was architecture. I know, not exactly the main reason why you would go there, but I still found it quite fascinating.

Latina night away …

Our actual Valentine's Day was as romantic as I imagined. During the day we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. The climb, although extremely scary, was worth the while because the view was simply stunning. When we got back down, we walked through different parts of the city and the coastal rivers. Our day was quite relaxing, but our big Valentine's Day will stand out for our plans for the evening.

We were booked for a romantic evening in Latina. It's Latin American cinema and bistro. A strange combination at first I thought, but it turned out to be the perfect solution. At seven o'clock that evening, we watched the Argentine-French film "La leçon de tango". Afterwards we went to Bistrot Latin for dinner and our little tango dance experience. Although neither Gerard nor I had ever danced a tango before, it didn't really matter to us, it was all about enjoying the moment, and of course it was the most fun I had in years, especially since we were absolutely useless in tango !

The rest of our Paris vacation was pure bliss and like Elle Fitzgerald once sang, "I love Paris in the springtime," because with the early signs of spring and the exciting atmosphere, it was really easy to see why Paris was known as a city of love.


Weird time!

My wife and I recently enjoyed a rare, spectacular meteor shower from our small farmhouse in central Texas. With almost a full moon rising in the east, stars shooting from north to south, the temperature hovered around 50, and coyotes jumping in the distance, it was the perfect night to watch one of nature's most enjoyable fireworks. displays. It’s hard to watch a show like this and not be humiliated by nature.

Speaking of nature….

Monday was different. It was freezing, literally – 32 degrees and falling. Damn cold. The dramatic and sudden change in the weather was a bit surprising, but not too terribly unusual. You know the saying, "If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait a minute …" But this time was otherwise – there was a bite of the cold which is unusual for Texas, and everywhere I went on Monday people would comment, "Weird weather, huh?" I would simply answer the obvious, "Yes, it's a little weird."

It's really weird.

Later that afternoon, I jumped on a plane and headed to Baltimore for a business trip. As I was leaving the Baltimore airport to drive to Delaware, I was surprised at how warm the temperature was. Baltimore was supposed to be cold (and Texas warm) in December, but here it was 70 degrees and humid. When I got in my city car for a one-hour northbound ride, I commented to my driver, who is a professional golfer and friend, that Baltimore was unusually warm.

"Yes," he replied. "The weather has been very weird lately. Last week, we went from 20 degrees to 70 to 70 degrees last week. Everyone left the park for golf in 24 hours. Weird."

It's really weird.

After a terribly awkward night at my Wilmington hotel (in the winter, they exclude all AC units at the hotels, because, you see, it should be cold in Delaware in the winter), I would wake up to a rainy, humid day. A client picked me up at the hotel and the first thing he said to me as I hopped into his car for driving to the office … "Strange man, did you bring an umbrella?" I laughed and told him that "Strange Time" was the mantra of the week, so I shared my story with him.

Later that day, as I was facilitating a meeting with a group of government officials, I noticed that their attention was no longer on me. Everyone was looking past me, through the windows. I stopped talking and slowly looked outside and to my surprise noticed that it was snowing! Huge, beautiful white snowflakes flying to the ground! And just yesterday I was uncomfortable with the humidity and the heat. It wasn't even cold this morning … is it snowing now?

Weird time!

What's going on here !?

In his recently published book Hot, flat and crowded , Thomas Freidman characterizes my two-day experience as "globally weird," and attributes these seemingly wild fluctuations to global warming and the accompanying changes this climate has had to climate. His argumentation is convincing, and is confirmed by daily experience. Not just my experience … yours. Ask yourself how many times have you or someone around you recently commented that the weather is acting weird? Although we struggle with the explanation, we all know intuitively that something is wrong with the times … it seems to work, well, weird.

And that is a fact. Or, perhaps, an inconvenient truth … Time is changing. Or more accurately – the global climate is changing, affecting the weather in strange ways. As Freidman notes in his book, "that climate change is eventually settled by science. That climate is now changing in an unusual way against the backdrop of long-term natural variation is accepted by almost everyone." Something is differently. Whether you choose to believe that humans are the cause of climate change or that it is a natural variation of global temperatures, the fact is that the world is warming and carbon dioxide levels are rising, resulting in devastating CO2-Climate feedback.

The combination of the two is an odd time. And it is predicted to become much, much with time getting worse.

What will be the consequence of this bizarre trend for society? Should we plan more events on the Katrina and Haiti scale as world time continues to become more unpredictable and the world unregulated? And if so, what does it suggest to prepare personal responsibility?

A really weird time. The question is: are we ready for it?

Stay safe. Stay informed. Stay tuned.

Kevin Baum


NDE (near death experience) or divine intervention?

This true event happened thirty years ago. Although I have only shared it a few times, it remains very clear in my mind. The only thing missing was logical explanation.

A few years ago, I suddenly found myself telling my story to a group Business people. I finished my short but powerful story leaving them with all the wonders. To my surprise, the man eagerly suggested that I have what is known as N.D.E – the near-death experience.

I have read and heard about numerous near-death experiences. In each case, people were leaving their bodies and being moved to another area of ​​life during the period before returning to their bodies. In many cases, their lives have changed significantly since then. In my case, I did not experience abandonment of my body or any transcendence, but simply the loss of a a snippet of time. It is as if that little piece of event was arranged from my memory and that this hoop is a & # 39; laid among the debris on the floor of that bathroom.

Let me explain:

I was in my twenties and had not yet consciously awakened to any spirituality. Or maybe I really did a great job of ignoring what was constantly knocking on my door of closed mind. I must point out that it took many more years and even stronger blows at this stage to finally wake me up.

I was on a business trip in 1976 and stayed at a very old, still her upscale Melbourne hotel. The small bathroom consisted of a bathtub, washbasin and porcelain toilet. The shower head was located above the tub, and a plastic curtain slid across the stainless steel bracket attached to the ceiling.

That morning I stood in the tub and took a shower. Suddenly there was a strong rush of hot water. As I tried to reach the hot water jet to adjust the temperature, my legs slid under me and I rolled over to the other side of the tub. It was like it happened in slow motion. I instinctively grabbed the curtain to stop the fall. However, all I managed to do was pull the mounts off the ceiling completely. The next few seconds or minutes remain a mystery. I don't remember hitting the floor. My next memory is of me standing in the tub looking at the debris on the floor. The shower screen and attachment devices lay on the floor with shattered pieces of porcelain toilet. There was no sign of me.

When my colleague arrived to pick me up for the first date, I shared my experience and showed him the mess. He checked to see if I was okay, laughed, and didn't mind. But I did for many years to come and I still do.

Was it a death experience almost? Is it possible in this lost time that I could have left the body and returned again? Or was it Divine intervention? Or are they the same thing?

Now, thirty years on the track, with the help of looking back and "waking up" to all the possibilities and wonders that lie within it, I will opt for the miracle of Divine intervention.


Fishing and diving practices on the Ambergris canoe on the Belize Barrier

All these experienced guides are native San Pedranos, second- or third-generation seafarers and fishermen; who grew up at sea and turned his affinity for nature into a profession that has been a challenge over the years and has delighted thousands of visitors.

The dive master and adventure center recalls that in the 1960s, retired US Navy diving instructors arrived in San Pedro and began teaching Indigenous diving, with Robert Peter (Roberto) Bradley and one of his first students sons. At the age of 11, Rene Bradley nailed his first tank under the supervision of his older brother George and spent every available moment thereafter monitoring the bubbles of his brothers and helping manage the effort. In 1984, Rene and his younger brothers Jacinto and Alberto joined the already established diving and fishing guides Francisco (Pancho) Verde and the older brothers George, Roberto and Leonardo in guiding visitors to Belize on adventures at sea.

Why did these young San Pedranos decide to become guides? The transition from solitary fishermen to hosts and ambassadors was easy. As Pancho Verde puts it, "I was already fishing every day and guiding visitors gave me the opportunity to meet new people and make friends with all corners of the world."

Over the years, these guides have introduced the waters of Belize to a myriad of guests, including many celebrities. Leonardo has fond memories of Harrison Ford and his film crew during the Mosquito Coast production, while Alberto remembers Cyndi Lauper as a lot of fun, just as you might expect.

George Bradley, the eldest brother and a truly gifted fly fisherman, speaks softly and very enthusiastically spends his day on the water. His guests, many of whom reserve vacation time on his schedule, feel the same. Roberto Jr, the youngest member of the team, proudly followed in the footsteps of his fathers, and when asked by the fishing guests, they said they were all stars, whether they had been watched in the movies or not!

All of these expert Belizean fishing and diving guides agree that the true reward of their profession is the expression of enjoyment on the face of a novice diver or the excitement of a fisherman who joins the "big" in the mornings. They are rightly proud of their beautiful country and the role they promote and preserve for future generations.

Looking for a great Caribbean vacation with world-class diving, scuba diving and fishing, Ambergris Caye offers the best combination of luxury accommodation, relaxed atmosphere and the most personal and professional guides available anywhere.


OZ Witch – How I Met a Witch in Australia!

More than ten years ago in 2004, I traveled to Sydney, Australia. I traveled not for family vacations or vacations, but for work. I was there on a software consulting project (I don’t want to go into more detail on this annoying topic), and this was my second trip to a beautiful city. Previously, I spent three months in Sydney, but because of the pressure associated with projects, I could barely explore the city, and I didn't even get a chance to really meet anyone there. So this time I wanted to see the city and befriend him. I never knew that I would soon meet and make good friends with a witch in Australia!

The Yahoo messenger was in vogue these days and by some searches I was able to connect with the lady. She was from Sydney, appeared much older than me, but had a lot of fun talking. So when I told her I was going to her town in a week and asked to find a friend there, she was playing.

I stayed at the Travelodge Macquarie North Ryde Hotel, near the Macquarie Shopping Center. Once I landed and joined the business, I updated it and we set a time for a meeting in the morning. She came to meet me at my hotel in the morning, dressed in black from head to toe. She also had black hair and had black shades over her eyes. We met in the lobby and then after we met, she offered to drive me around the Sydney suburb, which I readily agreed to .. As I was boarding his car, I seemed to notice a small sticker at the back of the car. The red is "My other car is a broom !!"

Inside her car was everything … from used cans of coke to a pile of cigarette butts in an ashtray. The bottom was full of paper, clothes, pillows, extra sleeping bags, towels and a few small cardboard boxes. The front seat was full of ash and the car rattled with cigarette smoke. In addition, the mirrors had cobwebs on them. The car was dirty !!!

North beaches, Sydney.

The mind was constantly searching for answers as we began to talk about the weather, then the city, Australia, then India (my country), then my religion – Hinduism. She said she knew about Kali and Krishna (who are Hindu Gods and Goddesses) and said that she also worships them. Things did not match.

"Are you a Christian?" I asked with a little confusion.

"No, I'm Wiccan. Do you know what Wicca is?" She asked me.

"Well, no," I replied.

And she explained the pagan religion to her mother, who was in vogue before the advent of Christianity. A religion associated with King Arthur and his Excalibur, Sir Lancelot and the Knights' Round Table. She explained that the magicians were given various explanations for how Christianity came to power and began to spread throughout Europe and the European colonies.

"Wizards are good people. They are loved. Harry Potter is a wizard and everyone loves him. But witches are bad, aren't they?" she asked.

"Well, I suppose it is," I replied with no idea why that was so.

She smiled and told me that they were their mother religion and that they were women who had superior knowledge in society, science, religion, medicine and science. They were the pillars of society in the Wiccan era and men were pouring into them at the time of need. But when Christianity came, it was difficult to convert these erudite and well-informed women, so Christianity gave them a bad name. That is why these witches carried the burden of ire and thus decayed over time. "Joan of Arc is one such example, burned on the Cross that it did not coincide with religious doctrine at that time." "She said.

With that, we continued to drive along the beaches and shores of North Sydney. We spent all day walking and running around the turquoise blue water and white sandy beaches. We visited lunch of chicken burgers and cola at about 2pm. All the while, we talked about our customs, traditions, society and religious views. She was just as interested in learning about our traditions as I was about hers. There was something new to me.

As the afternoon approached, she asked me if she wanted to leave me at my hotel or if I would like to go to her for some refreshment and then maybe give up. By then, I became so interested in her and her life that I immediately agreed to visit her place. We arrived at her home in about 15 minutes from Coogie Beach.

Her home was a few steps from a moving road in a secluded location. The stairs to her main door were decorated with miniature dolls and figures of frogs, bats, rabbits and cats. Some of them made automated sound as we approached. As soon as she opened her main door, several cats and one-headed puppies ran up to her and began to sob and drag around her legs. I could immediately hear the cactus cries, as if everyone became aware that their mistress was returning home. The house had an oddly heavy odor, one of the fierce incense and the smoking agent threw smoke out of the corner. The small foyer had a huge glass box and I noticed something inside. One corner of her foyer also had a large ISIS model in smaller size (Egyptian Goddess, as she later educated me !!). There were tons of books on the large shelf on one side of the hall. I peeked at them as I naturally loved books. There were large collections of magic, spells, love potions, divine bonds, spirituality, witchcraft, Psychic foresight, magic, love, spirituality and Wiccan worship. I just became more interested and attracted to this whole new world of knowledge, wisdom and witchcraft. I couldn't resist checking out a few of them.

“What do you do with all those books?” I asked her in confusion.

"I'm a witch," she smiled.

That's how I met Carole Chapman, one of the most wonderful people I've ever met. In the days and months that I knew her, I found that she was a very kind, kind, and caring person. She was immensely instructive, witty, in tune with the world around her, and a very wacky person. Over the next few months of my stay in Sydney, I met her friends, her vow, the company and the magic that they all perform for the betterment of their lives. I learned about her religion and the false stigma she carries in the Christian world. She was one of the few direct students of the famous Wiccan teacher, Alex Sanders, who starred in the movie "Wickerman."

Unfortunately, Carole left us for Summerland in July 2011. You can find her Facebook profile under the link on my blog. She was an authority on Wicca and a Wiccan tradition as I found out. and in Australia she was called the Queen of Witches. She was also a dear friend I miss.

High priestess Carole Chapman's interview can be found on my blog.


Talipapa Market in Boracay – an overview

Located between busy White Beach and Boracaya, Talipapa is the busiest market you can find here. Almost all tourists who visit White Beach or Boracay end up shopping at least once here. In this article I will tell you why the Talipap market is so special and why you need to visit it.

a) Fresh fish and seafood: Among the many delicacies you get at Talipapa Market, fresh fish and seafood are some of them. Almost every species of live fish can be found here; you can get shrimps, lobsters, etc. – all fresh! Yes, fish are not only fresh but also very slippery due to humidity. Beware that some fish sellers are overpaying tourists (sometimes even charging twice the original price), so make sure prices hurt. This is like a seafood sanctuary of all kinds! The only cool thing about this place (which I have not found anywhere else) is that you can buy fresh fish there and actually have a restaurant nearby that cooks for you for a small fee. Let me imagine, I paid about 1500 pesos for lobster; however, the chef only took me 500 pesos to cook the same, not to mention that the cooking process was really impressive. Can anything be colder than that? He fried the fish a little, though. Later, I learned another, more convenient way to cook fresh fish for me.

The procedure is simple enough. First you go hunting for a decent restaurant. you get a choice between restaurants with or without open spaces, with or without air conditioning, etc. After you do, kindly ask one of the restaurant staff to bring you good quality fish (mention specifics, etc.). Under the & # 39; Paluto & # 39; system there, almost all the restaurants there have associated fish markets. This way, you can get fish much cheaper than starting a bargain on your own. I still recommend negotiating, but I believe that on most occasions it will not be necessary if you follow this procedure.

b) Many souvenir shops and shops: Fresh fish or seafood are of course not the only things you can get here. There are many convenience stores in Talipap Market. Gifts and souvenirs are available at very reasonable prices, but I still struggled over the prices while buying multiple items at the same time! You can get all kinds of clothes you want – be it for your children, husbands, wives, sisters, mothers, fathers, as you name it – there is a specialized fabric store for everyone and is suitable for all ages!

c) Extremely close to hotels, restaurants: The location of Talipapa is one of the reasons why it is such a busy market. Located near the beach, you can get decent quality hotels near you, such as D & # 39; mall and Best Western. You can also get quality seafood restaurants on their menus. You can get delicious items at restaurants here, such as crab with chili sauce, baked cheese, butter, rice, etc. Many cold drinks are also available.

The bottom line, as I found out – you really can’t keep your wallet weight intact once you enter this Talipape market. Your stomach would start growing and force you to bite the fresh fish available there! I'm more of a chick, but in spite of that, I've ended up with hundreds of pesos on fish and seafood!


Homestay In Coorg – Making Every Other Point

Coorg is a natural beauty and definitely an ideal place for people like me who love rejuvenation and relaxation. Temperatures are here all year long, making me one of my best hiding places whenever I have to enjoy myself and at the same time relax from the daily hustle and bustle of this life. No wonder she is known as Indian Scotland, until you can go wrong here.

Apart from having so many things to see such as stunning waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes and lots of tourist attractions, this beautiful station of Karnataka hill offers many accommodation options. I love my private space and am glad that all of its needs have been met thanks to the many Homestays it offers. With so many cottages, farmhouses, lavish estates and modern apartments, I can choose what suits me best. My mood and the type of experience I want to enjoy quite dictate the path I take with my home stay when I am here on vacation. But my stay at a home in Coorg seems to me worthy of several aspects that I always remember when choosing my accommodation.

  • Location is one of the most important when choosing my holiday facility here. Fortunately, there is always something interesting about whether I want to be near a Buddhist monastery, Virajpet, Badipur or other popular areas like South Coorg Kushal Nagar or Kodagu. Households are deployed in these locations and I have yet to decide where I would rather be for the holidays and I am ready to start.

  • Budgeting is another aspect that I always consider to be a family to enjoy and afford at the same time. Fortunately, Coorg also addressed whether I was working on a tight budget or wanted to spoil the rotten while on vacation. If I have to spend a bit here for my vacations, reasonably priced homes like Shreya, Maduvan, Jagale and Mountain Mist Valley Valley, among several others, always cover me. These properties have everything a holiday would want, and the best part is that I don't have to spend too much to enjoy Coorg.

  • The views I enjoy every morning and evening or at any other time of day are really important to me at any holiday. This means that I am automatically looking for a holiday home that offers the kinds of views that create a sense of serenity in me. Coorg homes are strategically placed and I always find something that can meet my wishes. Wanting to wake up with a beautiful clear sunrise or foggy mountains, here I have the ability to offer me just that.

The amenities provided in the home are also important to me. I want to be able to make my own fresh cup of coffee and probably try a few local recipes while I am here and for that I always afford to choose a homemade home that has a well-equipped and functional kitchen.


How I had a 5D4N budget vacation in Singapore for P7200 (RM 620)

With three days off from work, I finally have the opportunity to travel to neighboring countries. However, since I have limited resources, I chose two countries available by bus from Malaysia – Thailand i Singapore.

Over time, I heard from a local colleague that it would take me 8 hours to reach Thailand by Hatayi (but not Bangkok yet – just on the Malaysia-Thailand border) and only 4-5 hours to Singapore.

Although they have significantly lower cost of living in Singapore than Singapore, I did some research and found that there are countless ways to travel to luxury cities like Singapore within budget. Since it has great transportation routes and an abundance of fascinating tourist spots, I decided to go Singapore, even if I have to eat chicken rice one week.


Departure: Kuala Lumpur, TBS (Bersepadu Selatan Terminal) -> Singapore, Little India (Fare: RM45 = P517,50)

Arrival: Singapore, Katong V Mall -> Kuala Lumpur, KL 5 Elements Hotel (Price: RM72 = P828)

Total cost of transportation: RM 117 (P1345.50)

Of all three transportation available to Singapore – by plane, bus and train – bus is the cheapest and most economical to choose from as you can take midnight tickets and sleep while traveling.

The bus ride takes approximately 5.5 hours from Malaysia to Singapore. Keep in mind that you may be awake during the last hour, as long distance travel will require you to cross two immigration buildings – one leaving Malaysia and the other entering Singapore.


  • If you can book online, do so so you can be booked on shuttles ahead of time. I booked mine at They also have a lot of promotions, including discounts and travel vouchers every month.

  • As a tip, choose a midnight schedule (12:00) so you can arrive early in Singapore and use your saved time to visit nearby tourist spots before checking into your hostel.

  • Make sure you have legitimate visa and passport information as there is a chance that immigration officials will Woodlands Singapore it can stop you and put you under strict scrutiny if you have the wrong documents.


Online Booking Fee: RM 205 (P2357.50)

Duration of stay: 5 days – 4 nights

Online Dealer: Agoda

I primarily chose The Prince of Wales as this is one of the cheapest error-free hostels in Agoda reviews, which was a positive sign that it was well maintained. The truth is, upon check-in I received linens, a pillow and a blanket. There were also five discount coupons with one complimentary complementary Heineken / Jam Jar from the hostel. Management said it would break the free Heineken / Jam Jar moving forward and that I was the last one to receive the red coupon. Good luck!

The mixed dormitory I stayed in had four bunk beds, most of which were foreigners most of the time. Aircon only runs from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The downstairs showers have a heater, and the wireless speed is excellent. One Saturday night, I came home to watch music bands performing played music.

All in all, this is a recommended hostels if you want cheap backpack accommodation with quality service and proper maintenance.

DAY 1: SMALL INDIA + BUGIS: RM 102 / SGD 34 / PHP 1173

Given the expensive 5 day shipping cost in Singapore, I planned to use the Singapore Tourist Dog (STP) for SGD 20 (3-day pass) which allows me unlimited travel on MRTs, LRTs and public buses. Then I will use STP for Day 2 and Day 4, and for Day 1 I just visited tourist places near my hostel – Prince of Wales.

Therefore, it is important to choose a strategic location to book your hostel. For me, I recommend it Little India because:

  • His MRT is the interchange between the northeast line (train goes to Sentosa, Clarke Quay or Chinatown) and downtown (train goes to Botanical Gardens or Bugis)

  • There are plenty of nearby temples and mosques (see below) with a cultural "feel" that immerses in your inner Indian.

  • Access to cheap falconry stands SGD 5 per meal – as Tekka center – home to the exquisite variety of Singaporean cuisine.

  • You can also buy souvenirs Mustafa Shopping Center for cheap perfumes or jewelry.

Bugis It is also walking distance to Little India, so you can shop your STP there, explore the shops on Bugis Street and pray at a nearby temple for blessings.


  • Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

  • Sri Srinivas Perumous Temple

  • Mustafa Shopping Center

  • Indian Heritage Center (SGD 4 entrance, free English excursion)

  • Masjid Abdul Gafoor Mosque

  • Haji Lane

  • Bugis Street

  • Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple


By day 2, I had unlimited transportation thanks to an STP card so I can wander anywhere in Singapore. Unfortunately, this does not cover the cost Sentosa Express which I paid SGD 4 (P140). I didn't go to Universal Studios Singapore anymore, because I went there already, but for those wondering, it's the entrance SGD 74 (P2590).

In the afternoon I went to Gardens by the bay strolling the Raffles Place area, onto the Helix Bridge and the promenade to the Bay Sands Marina. It was one of the most beautiful tourist spots I have ever seen in Singapore and one that I will recommend especially when you grab your ticket to the Cold Conservatories – Cloudy forest i Flower dome – for SGD 28 (P966). I was lucky because an event called Garden Rhapsody happened there – Retro fever on Supertree Grove, where there were bright lights dancing to the tune of the 80s and it was truly magnificent.

Marina Bay near the statue of Merlion was very nice during the night. As I walked by Jubilee footpath, I see the beautiful sandy bay of Marina that runs through calm waters. Since the area is still full of tourists, I suddenly thought of the song "The Night Is Still Young".


  • Vivo City, HarborFront

  • Sentosa – waterfront stations, Imbiah and beaches

  • Marina Bay at Raffles Place

  • Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands Theaters

  • Helix Bridge and Jubilee Trail

  • Gulf Gardens – Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, Supertree Grove

  • Makansutra

  • Singapore flyer


From Little India, I went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a morning run. The habitat was huge with lots of interactive trails such as Medicines and Evolution Gardens. Since it belonged to one of UNESCO World Heritage Site, the site was also properly maintained with some part (near Ginger Gardens) still restored. It was also located near some buildings of the National University of Singapore (NUS).

When I left the Botanical Gardens orchard, I took the bus using my STP to the field of view Fruit Road. Foreigners were hurrying to buy paper bags from shopping malls such as Ion, Wisma Atria, Tangs, Takashimaya and Lucky Plaza. As a major tourist attraction packed with retail and leisure hubs, it was one of those places where millennials will usually be "Instagrammable".

To make up for the strenuous walking walks, I decided to relax near the historic river they call Clarke Quay. With various restaurants and nightclubs such as Hooters and Zouk (still closed due to renovations), it can be considered the capital of Singapore.

Tourists can additionally enjoy a great pier with the G-Max Reverse Bungee (SGD 45 = P1575), Singapore River Cruise (SGD 22 = P770) or probably just chill out on the Read Bridge with an ice-cold beer while listening to some street performers.

The next day, I went to a colorful Chinese enclave in Singapore, ethnic Chinatown. Starting on Pagoda Street, I saw different types of shops ranging from hot tiger balm to large statues of ruby ​​dragons. There were also Chinese and Indian temples near the area, along with a Chinese Heritage Center (with a ticket from SGD 15 = P525).

I also went to two famous hawks centers nearby Chinatown Food Street and the Maxwell Food Center, especially the Tian Tian Tian chicken rice that gained popularity with the performance of Anthony Bourdain in one of its No Reservation programs.

Across the Maxwell Food Center were museums such as the Red Dot Design Museum and the Red Dot Museum Singapore City Gallery (formerly URA Gallery). Admission is free, and the whole gallery aims to show a physical transformation in the last 40 years that is both instructive and interesting. The city's diorama of Singapore is also on display, with accurate representations of buildings across the country.

On the night of Day 4, I met some friends in Singapore to have dinner at one of the restaurants located along Robertson's Quay. We started off from Clarke Quay and the footpath near the river outline. Suffice it to say, the food was delicious.


  • Singapore Botanic Gardens – Leaves, Healing, Evolution, National Orchid

  • Orchard Road Shopping Centers

  • Clarke Quay – Singapore River Cruise and G-Max Reversible Bungee

  • Chinatown – The complex and center of the national park

  • Chulia Masjid

  • Sri Mariamman Temple

  • Chinatown Food Street and Maxwell Food Center

  • Singapore City Gallery

  • Robertson's Quay

DAY 5: KATONG + EAST COAST: RM 63 / SGD 21 / PHP 724.50

I checked out of my hostel early in the morning, ate lunch at Geylang Road and handed over my STP to get a deposit of SGD 10. Then I left Katong V Mall which is the bus pickup station returning to Malaysia. The shortest route was through Paya Lebar Station and to the free shuttle service from Paya Lebar Square to Katong V.

With 2 hours left to go, I walked the streets until I came across the calm waters of Singapore, on the beach East Coast Park. It is designed as an urban resort where families and friends can play volleyball, ride bikes, celebrate fun events, roast barbecues and swim in the waters. Overall, it's the perfect place to relax and relieve stress.


  • Geylang Road

  • Paya Lebar Square

  • Katong V Mall and nearby shopping malls

  • East Coast Park