What can I do in Alani, Turkey?

Most people come from Alanya and never leave the hotel; he just lives in the hotel for the rest of his vacation. They use the hotel's beach and pool, hotel restaurants, hotel shopping malls, discos and hotel animation shows. In my opinion, they are limited to a hotel because they do not know Alanya. However, Alanya is a gold mine. Historic places, natural beauties, places for social fun. People coming from Alanya should leave the hotel and look around. In my article as a native of Alanya, I will write to you the alternative beauties of Alanya.

Go to the center of Alanya. Ask about the port, which is so close to the center. When you go to the port you will see a red tower. You can visit the Red Tower and look at Alanya from the top of the Red Tower. After a few photos you can go to Fishermans Cafe near Red Tower and try some tea. Its a cheap 50 Cent from 2009. After you taste the tea and inhale some sea air, take a walk to the center of the disco. They are so popular in Alana. James Dean, Bistro Bellman, Janus, Robin Hood, Zaph Han …

When you come to Alanya it is a big mistake to leave without visiting Alanya Castle. You can use the bus, taxi, rent a scooter or car, if you are young or feel young you can also walk to the castle. The castle has places to eat. You can try Turkish pancakes called "Gozleme". Don't forget your camera, I'm sure you'll use it!

We go to the Dim River and the Dim Cave. If I were the first to go to the smoke river, I would order fish for lunch than to swim in the cold waters of the dime river. After eating fish across the river for lunch, you can go into the fog and see this natural beauty. As you walk towards the cave, you will see many orange and lemon gardens. This is also worth seeing.

One of the natural beauties of Alanya is the Sapadera Canyon. Huge water resource, opened 3 years ago. There are also places to drink with a drink.

You should also see Cleopatra Beach. It's a good place to swim. It's a little crowded, but it's nice to be with people, isn't it? At Cleoparta Beach you will see sports centers. Basketball, football, tennis … You can use these places … Basketball is free, but you have to pay for football and tennis. Volleyball is also free. The Damlatas Cave is an alternative place to go there.

It's time to go yachting in Alanya because there is plenty to see. I'll tell you where they stop. First you will see the historic boat (tershane). Then you will see a pirate cave, after which you will see the entrance of the cave lovers. You can climb up there and go to the lover's cave. But it should jump from 7 meters into the sea. There is no way out except this time. After that you will see a phosphorus cave, you will learn why it is called phosphorus when you see it. For lunch you will also eat pasta and chicken grill with salad.

Another alternative activity in Alanya is diving. Several companies serve this activity. It doesn't matter if you never dive with tubes. It will teach you how to work. After some education, you will be ready to discover diving. Potential things to see underwater: Mediterranean seal, turtle, fish, cave, sunken ship. They will photograph you under the sea. The lunch menu will probably be the same as a yacht tour. We love chickens.

Sealanya, opened 3 years ago and is located in Turkler County. Dolphin shows, Seal shows, You can also swim with dolphins, swim with tropical fish. I know you will love it and your kids (if you have any) like to see it there. If I were a kid, I'd rather see a dolphin show than see caves.

Aquapark Aquatic Planet, located in Okurcalar, is a really fun place, remember when you tried out white kamikaze. If you are a fan of adrenaline sports, there is a place for you. You Can Do Bungee Jumping! 70 meter. You have 2 alternatives "Freefall" and "Flying".

You can do rafting in "5 mansion" (5 stitches). You should go to some travel company to arrange this activity, when you go to the center of Alanya you will see that many of them are trying to sell such activities.

You can also hunt, and most people don't know it, but if you love fishing, there are anglers. They have a boat and know where you can fish. If you like this idea, you can ask some local stores, they probably know their cell phone numbers. I can give you their numbers here.

An alternative to paragliding and parasailing, you can do paragliding with hidirelles, start from the top of the hill and see Alanya from a bird's eye view, ending at the beach. You can also try parasailing, a water sports company serves this activity, many of them have parsailing capabilities. they hook you up with a jet boat and then you start playing with a parachute.

On the Alanje Plateau, in the red area (kizil alan), there are places for motocross activities. There is a company that rents cross motors and helps you to do such motocross activities.

You see you can do a lot in Alanya, limited by your imagination, I call it living in Alanya! So you do not need to pay a lot of money for all inclusive 5 stars in one hotel, get a room from an apartment located in the center of Alanya. Just use a hotel to sleep. Not to live. If you want to learn these hotels in Alanya, try this site


5 service based companies that really benefit from local SEO

Does your business serve specific geographical areas of local importance? If this is the case, your success depends heavily on attracting local traffic.

Local SEO can be a great way to reach customers. While almost every business can benefit from SEO, keep reading to discover the five fields where this strategy can really pay off and deliver great business rewards.

Looking for more local SEO strategies for your business? Read our article: 13 Strategies for Optimizing Your Website for Local SEO

1. Medical and dental clinics love local SEO

You can see a big jump in the search engine rankings if you target local keywords around health and wellness.

Consider what you are looking for when you need a new emergency physician or dentist: you will probably go in search of your city plus a "family doctor" or "emergency dentist".

However, you also need to target long-tail keywords on your website such as "Doctor's office opened on Saturday in Vancouver" to reach more potential customers.

2. The hyper-targeted hospitality business

Have a restaurant, bar or hotel? Local SEO is required. People often use Google's "near me" suggestion that will appear in the search bar, so make sure your site content targets wherever possible.

Also, many will review reviews on sites like Yelp before clicking on your site – more than in any other type of business. Update your business information on these sites and respond quickly.

3. Home Services (I need help NOW)

A local SEO campaign works well for problem solvers.

For those searching for a plumber or locksmith, it's common to name the first listing that appears on Google, but it's not as simple as creating a webpage with your contact information.

To reach customers, you need to focus on adding original content, optimizing the page, and targeting long tail keywords. For these types of business it is also necessary to go with a paid SEM campaign.

4. A neighborhood-specific SEO environment

Real estate is a very competitive category, especially with so many large companies out there plus platforms like Zillow.

You are likely to get a lot of traffic from long-tail keyword searches, so "Toronto house for sale" includes "Toronto waterfront apartment."

Research your keywords and write about what families with young children should look for when buying a dog-friendly home or neighborhood – what will resonate with your audience.

5. Lawyers

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So your local SEO strategy can be built around long tail keywords. For example, instead of “Calgary Attorney” go to “Southeastern Calgary Will and Trust Attorney” to turn searches into leads.

Get local, grab long tail keywords

This is by no means an exhaustive list of businesses that can benefit from local SEO, but it gives you a good idea of ​​where they can really make a difference.

Focus on building your local SEO strategy and using keywords and long tail traffic will follow!


3 Easy Ways to Choose the Best Home in Madikeri

Madikeri may not be as popular as some other locations in India, but to me this evergreen picturesque city is still my favorite. It has beautiful lush green forests that create a cozy atmosphere, and the cool breeze here keeps temperatures at comfortable levels. This city located in the heart of the Western Ghats is slowly becoming a popular honeymoon destination. The households here are simply great for couples, but there are so many to cater for group trips as well. The households are warm and welcoming, creating stunning picnic areas for every traveler.

Just like traveling elsewhere, Homestays are my number one choice because of how comfortable and comfortable they are. Homestays Madikers are no different and I always find a property that has everything I need for the holidays and one that will make my stay not only enjoyable but also unforgettable. During the selection process, I have different methods of finding what I want. I basically use different aspects to narrow my search for the best object that satisfies my holiday wishes.

Localities. Madikeri definitely has a number of beautiful holiday locations. I like to get a facility located near attractions that I love. Some of the options I have when traveling here through the localities include Indira Nagar, Cauvery Schedule, Abby Falls Road, Gowli Street and Dechoor. These are the most popular sites in Madikeri and there are numerous Homestays to choose from within each.

Holiday theme. When I travel, I want my holidays to be different from previous ones. Fortunately, Homestays are designed in such a way that they satisfy different traveler desires as far as topics go. For example, if I am looking for an adventurous stay, there are many properties set up in such environments to meet my individual needs. Other options are business hotels that have all the essential amenities of a business trip, beach hotels for sun and sand lovers, and family homes where I can hang out with family and have memorable gatherings. If I do not have a lot to spend on accommodation, there is always the option of choosing the homes that offer the best value.

Type of real estate. As in most places, accommodation in Madikeri is starred. This is another easy way for me to find something appropriate for the vacation experience I'm looking for. There are 1 star hotels, 2 star hotels, apartments, villas and even guesthouses. My final choice really depends on my preference for that specific vacation, especially as far as privacy is concerned. Villas and holiday homes usually make for some of the most intimate amenities, while hotels offer affordable options, even if you have to keep track of the huge number of guests who choose them for their vacation. Because Madikeri has a lot of feature options, I experiment with different settings every time I travel.


Delicious travel memories

Like most, I especially love shopping and dining around the world. Dinner in New Orleans and New York were my favorite. I loved New Orleans Royal Orleans, in the French Quarter and Commanders Palace, in Garden County. Jazz musicians were coming to every table and there were memories of food and music for the rest of the week.

Hotel Plaza had great dining, you just found me there in New York. The Top of Sixes and Four Seasons were my two favorites at the time.

However, if I had to choose one place where food and shopping were the best, I would have to say Thailand.

Not wanting a regular tour, the agent booked me on a flight to Bangkok with a two-night reservation at the Sheraton Hotel. A few days later I found the beautiful Omni Watergate Hotel, a better location with beautiful breakfast-Asian dishes of all kinds. The area was close to clothing and shops. I swapped my American money into their Baht and booked there for a week. Traveling to different shopping areas in Bangkok, the typical taxi fare was no more than fifty cents for one dollar.

I spent the next two weeks in Phuket and Phi Phi. Using airlines in Thailand was expensive. Ever since I learned to ride a train, it would be a much cheaper and nicer trip.

The beaches were exciting and attractive, but then I was warned to watch out for the currents. Traveling north, I spent a few days in Chaig Rai. I went to a night market where there were booths for food, entertainment and natives selling their creations. Everything I tasted was amazing. the art pieces I bought were unique and inexpensive in price.

Moving on to Chaig Mai for another week, I took a few hours of cooking at a school run by Permpoon and Suriyan Nabnian. We all had our own cooking tips, and we shared our finished products with students from all over the world.

I loved the sweet and spicy spices and was able to recreate my Thai specialties when I got home. Thailand has been one of my most wonderful experiences

When I'm too busy traveling, I spend some time in places like Epcot Center, Disney. It brings back memories as I dine at various Epcot restaurants around the world.


A trip to northern Europe


Denmark bordering Germany is a small country in the north. Denmark is a country with a long and interesting history, it is a kingdom that has been involved in many historical movements over the years. In addition, many kingdoms near Denmark attempted to invade that country. Another neighbor is Sweden, which is somewhat reminiscent of Denmark, for example things like architecture and social behavior. Both countries are very proud of their traditions and highly valued for keeping in touch with old traditions.

Family conjunction is one of the valuable things that the Danes and Swedes value. But they like to keep it for special events that happen all year long. These could be family weekends or holidays where they have time to spend some time together. Because the Danes do a lot of work, and in fact it is a big part of daily life in Denmark, in order to continue a busy life.

Danish Lifestyle and Architecture

When I visited Denmark, I saw many interesting things and many old cities around the country with a touch of romance. What I noticed most were the beautiful houses in the small towns around the island. This is really easy to notice and anyone who has ever been to Denmark would know what I mean. I traveled from Germany and rode a motorcycle to a small coastal town in the northeast of the small island of Fyn. When I came to Kerteminde, I felt so elevated, because I could really feel the feeling of being surrounded by water. The beach was crossing the coastal beach from one coast to the other. For me, it was a summer vacation or rather a vacation, so I went for a swim in the beautiful ocean every day.

My first time in bed and breakfast

I slept on a bed and breakfast in Samlingsstuens, located in the heart of a small town. The dwelling was inside a protected building, in a courtyard called "Andreasens købmandsgaard". There were lovely rooms here with beautiful flowers on the side table next to my bed, and a nice clean room, which I greatly appreciated.

My time schedule told me to stay in Kerteminde for only a few days, but I actually stayed there for 5 days. I'm a bit of a nature guy too, so most of the time I was wondering about the beaches and the great forests that were around.

Vikings of Denmark

I also went to the Viking Museum, which was about 10 km away from Samlingsstuen. The modern Vikings meet. I learned many things about Danish history and culture that day, and even tasted real Viking food.

Basically, this place was a really well proven place to go with family, the kids had a lot of things to learn and learn. But even going there alone was really happy.

In the end

I want to share a word I have come across many times during my stay in Denmark. It's called "hygge" and is a unique description for example of a family relationship or perhaps another way of saying "chill out." The word is especially related to Denmark and describes very well how Danish people are.

Greetings from me


Spring Break in Wave Valley, at Sun City Resort

Recently, with my daughter and her friend, I went to the Wave Valley in Sun City, a resort in the northwestern province of South Africa.

Sun City is about 230 kilometers from Johannesburg. The resort is huge, with an array of luxury hotels including Lost City, Cabanas and Cascades.

It offers a variety of activities, including game drives [at the nearby Pilanesberg Playground and Bakubung Game Park], gambling, bird watching, hiking, elephant and horseback riding, golf courses and some water sports.

We didn’t want to spend our limited time racing around the resort trying to do everything. So we decided to spend most of our time at the beach, participating in spring break activities.

For a week in September, a mobile company whose activities I follow host a week during which families can come play, watch extreme water sports and relax. People can also go on day trips because of the event being broadcast live on radio and TV.

Unlike her college-related cousin, this spring break includes a clean family party, with toddlers, kids at school and teens playing together in a variety of ever-changing groups. Parents, grandparents and other family relationships may choose to dive in the water or participate in organized games.

I wanted to include elephant rides in our program, but the girls overpowered me, insisting that I get too busy playing in the water to bother with stinking elephants. I also doubted that they were a little afraid of approaching the "wild animal" so I did not insist. Maybe I'll do it next time we come.

Here are some of the activities we did:

1. He gave surf lessons and then chased the waves “It felt weird at first, standing on the beach aisles, knowing full well that the ocean was hundreds of miles away. But artificial surf can be high on this small pond, and parents and children can have a lot of fun diving underwater or riding on a wave.

2. Rock climbing learned – In the midst of the natural rocks surrounding the beach area, it is ironic that the designated climbing area should be man-made. But the kids have climbed so much as if they have climbed into the real work, so I'm not complaining.

3. He played some volleyball, made some hoops – Teenagers among diverse family groups were happy to gather younger kids and teach them games or run some competitions.

4. He swam by a lazy river – The river ride was quiet and peaceful, until the stone monkeys on the river's edge began splashing water into my face. The girls thought it was funny to watch me suffer and turn, trying to avoid the water. Huh!

5. You went by a water slide down a steep hill – The person on the slide must be at least 1.2 meters high, so that my friend's daughter, who is also nine years old but much shorter, could not move. So, we did not dwell on this activity.

6. Observed demonstrations – The formal program included demonstrations of water skiing and surfing, as well as the dance routines of the cheering squad. The dancers, who were mostly students, were pretty good; their figures have shaped well enough to accelerate the heartbeat of many teens.

7. Read the novel, work on it a little – Reading by the shore with water is a very difficult job, especially when the heat is beating you, urging you to fall asleep for a minute or ten. I also brought a notebook and pen and then took notes of the trip afterwards.

8. I shot some monkeys – On the first day of our stay we got lost on the way to our hotel. I do not know how I managed to do this, because the resort was such that I had to leave the beach, through the entertainment area to the front entrance of the Cascade, where we were staying. But somehow we found ourselves in the back of the hotel, watching the monkeys wander through the trash cans and chase each other among the trees. We were very careful not to approach them, but we took as many pictures as we could without scaring them away.


November rain

Everything seemed ideal at the start of my ride from Allahabad to Mumbai. I had skins for comfort in the hostile winters of the three states through which I would ride; haversack was happily hanging on the left and most importantly, Kartoos (my motorcycle) sounded eerily hungry, eager to swallow 1400 km. I was excited and delighted with the lonely ride. I always liked to drive alone because it gave me the freedom to stop somewhere, light a cigarette and look around.

The first day of my ride was common, as I started at 1 in the afternoon and expected to arrive in Jabalpur at 8am and seek refuge at the hotel. Covering 400 hundred miles in 8 hours was not easy. Road conditions and other drivers like drunk and drowsy truck drivers make passing very thorny.

After exiting the borders of Allahabad, I entered the terrible area of ​​Reva, which I call the Red City. The flying red soil from the ground creates blinding layers of dust. Roads are completely decomposed by countless dinosaurs. Certainly the most treacherous road I’ve ever taken in my 15 years of driving experience; it took me 3 hours to travel 25 km while my wrists wept in pain, managing a 500cc clutch and balancing a 200 pound meteor machine. Interestingly, the city of this city looks amazingly synonymous with its bloody footprints. That's right; is rated as one of the most violent in Uttar Pradesh. Anyway, I reached Jabalpur around 9 o'clock P.M. and took shelter at a hotel on Russell Street, though no one knew who Russell was.

The second day started early and I left the hotel around 5 am with the intention of swallowing 250 km quickly between Jabalpur and Nagpur. Roads connecting the two cities and the two states can also be used as a runway for private jets, as theirs are alluringly wide, with no sign of human existence as much as 25 km on the course. I fell open and I had a lot of fun on this stretch.

Covering 250 km in 3 hours should confirm this term. But soon all of this should stop like a bubble blowing.

As I entered Maharashtra, the rain fell and I was surprised. Holding me in the expectation that the rain would stop at no time because it was not raining in the month of November, for the first few minutes I tried to remain calm and unaware of the terrifying thought of riding in the rain.

After not seeing the betrayal in the determination to deprive me of the right to ride, I pulled myself up and lit a cigarette, this time not to see or open any thoughtful window of my mind, but to comfort my nerves, momentarily suffering anxiety. I decided to have some tea and think about strategies for dealing with a nice opponent. By now I was completely wet and the freezing rain did what it could; I started freezing. Sitting in a crib, at the daba in Nagpur places, I began to account for the disadvantages and disadvantages of riding; I came to some depressing conclusions.

The rains make the roads moist and slippery, which slows down the speed of the motorcycle and things get worse as the human body is directly exposed to the eyelashes. This meant that in the next few hours I would suffer from brutal physical pain. Wet glasses made the vision blurry, and I didn't have snakes on my comfortable glasses and had to get rid of them, which meant eye pain. With all this, the rain creates treacherous miles for both drivers and drivers.

Consequently, I suffered the first nervous breakdown after getting rid of the flashes of these distractions that would unleash on me if the rain did not interfere.

Not finding solutions to these frightening problems, I returned to the saddle and started driving again. In the meantime, it was my effort to find a fan in the wind; surprisingly I didn't find one with the right dimensions until I reached Nasik (600 km from Nagpur).

As expected, the speed was drastically reduced due to wet roads and the sight of perishable rains. I rode in wet clothes and boots for another eight hours with frequent stops on freeways on the freeway. Inserting a dhaba every 50 km and almost melting my body as I stood near the tandor became a convention. Because of these tandors, my bones remained a serviceable 12 hours of wicked rain riding.

I witnessed approximately 8 to 10 accidents between Nagpur and Mumbai involving vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Most of the accidents were caused by unforeseen showers and congested road conditions.

From Allahabad to Mumbai, at least 50% of the highway is being remodeled according to the Golden Quadrangle plan which began during Atal Bihari Vajpayee's term as prime minister. The Akola Highway is also part of this redevelopment plan; therefore, hard work is underway to improve these roads. And government employees were too busy to notice that building materials such as sand, tar, blue metal, and more. Scattered all over the highway, which can lead to disaster. The combination of water, pollution and dust has just been perfected with tar and blue metal mixed in it with the tips of countless holes. It was harder to see and drive now.

Sometimes the holes look shallower than they actually are; I underestimated the depth of one such hole. As I tried to overtake the truck, I dove into a real deep one, which gave me wings. As the Kartoos front suspension slid into it, I felt the rear tire rise above the ground.

Despite the stiffness that drives a person's mind after a fall, I have developed the habit of always running towards the beast and examining the injuries it suffered before examining mine. I tried to continue with my own unwritten convention even in this fall. I ran to Kartoos, picked it up and ran along the side of the road, where I parked it in the center stand. Then I sat back leaning against a tree and smoking a cigarette. I experienced many minor cuts and bruises on my palms and knees, but my right calf burned a little too wide after contact with the Kartoos exhaust pipe.

After the accident, I sat by the side of the road for an hour, applying toothpaste on a burnt calf, while Kartoos resting on a central pedestal continued to look unobtrusive, while lorries and S.T trucks were moving at a snail's pace.

There was no civilization 100 km. back and forth. After the accident, my body got bruised, but my mind almost fell on my coat. I felt miserable, desperate to get home and feel the warmth of my cave. I tried to call my loved ones, but my cellphone couldn't find a signal in this forbidden country. Fortunately, Kartoos forgave me for the madness and headed for the first blow. I had to ignore the bruises, get back in the saddle and keep driving.

"Traveling is like marriage. A certain way to be wrong is to think that you control it."

– John Steinbeck.

I continued to ride as darkness covered the lands. At 9 at night I was too tired to study the path I was taking; I simply followed the taillights of S.T buses and big trucks to travel distances that seemed endless. The combination of water, tar and oil with broken roads is deadly. If it weren't for these larger vehicles, I wouldn't have actually reached Mumbai for another 3 days.

That night for the first time in my life I regretted being alone. I drove along lonely roads without any civilization to find comfort in these difficult times; the only moving objects around were the annoying closed-door vehicles.

Thinking about the terrible circumstances I was in, I prayed for life and hoped that I would not die tonight. There were many chances that would play a significant role in the realization of this prophecy, such as deep holes in pots, isolated and slippery roads running through virgin forests, drunk truck drivers who did not bother to chase motorcyclists, local howitzers giving wings to the driver by inserting a lath into the front. rubber and then took away his possessions, maybe his life. And what if no one ever found out what happened to me.

When those cynical opinions were bogged down by my worn-out senses, I wondered what if I was accompanied by someone I knew and trusted, things would be simpler then. People have always criticized me for being exclusive, eccentric and interested in myself, and tonight I wished I wasn't so raw. Most times I drove alone. Going to the movies and eating outside; I neglected friends, family, God tonight, and I repented for all that; when the fear of death preoccupied my wits and loneliness, endangered me like a venomous snake, I realized the importance of relationships, friendship and love.

After that, I embarked on a process of answering imaginative questions, such as why we live together in societies, why we talk to each other, why we look at each other, because it is a human desire to be loved, to be cared for. , to be touched, to be talked to; It seemed to me that I had concluded the true meaning of life.

And as I thought about these enlightening conclusions, I saw a signboard saying Welcome to Nasik, which means that this difficult ordeal was over.

It was too precise about the restrooms and other facilities of the hotel room that night was not on my to-do list. When I entered Nasik, the mission was to shoot a warm bed; I rushed towards the first hotel that appeared on the horizon. I carefully parked Kartoos, unhooked my suitcase tied to the left of the back frame, and stormed into the hotel.

The old Sikh in the 60s was sitting at a reception in the middle of the hall, which was dimly lit, and Grandma Nanak was hanging above us all on the wall behind the table. I approached him trembling as if someone was obsessed and asked "Khaat milegi tau?" He looked at me suspiciously and asked if I had proof of identification and immediately began blaming the recent bomb blasts for his indecent behavior. Certainly, I said and bent down to open the wet hand-made beverage, in which water was pouring out of it and the wet clothes shook awkwardly. As I searched for my wallet, I looked up and saw the old man sliding toward me with his shoulders resting on the counter. I didn't blame him for that; I actually looked like a suspect on the run.

I finally found my wallet and handed him his license, he read it carefully and invited Ganesha, the boy from room to room, to take me to his room. Before I lit a cigarette, I asked for his permission and waited for Ganesh to come and take me to his room and a lovely thing called Bed.

Immediately a teenager came and asked me if he could raise a haversack, and I refused and told him to take me to the room immediately, which he did; he was smart to understand my despair. We went up one flight and got to the room where I was going to spend the big night. He opened the door and I saw it, the holy bed, which I felt called to me with open arms.

Ganesh asked me if I needed anything, when I resolutely answered no, he obediently left the room and I locked the door. I then went to sleep after a quick bath with warm water.

I woke up around 11 a.m. and felt rejuvenated after a deep and comfortable sleep. I stood on the bed with my back leaning against the wall, wondering about the things I had committed and the torments I had been through for the last 2 days. I remembered the thought that haunted me the night before and how I hung; the human desire to remain alive glowing. I got up and opened the window and a fresh breeze filled the room. I looked out the window, there were not many vehicles on the street even during this time of day; public holiday has been declared due to devilish rain.

I went out into the clothing store and found the wind that suited me. I tidied up my bill at the hotel and came to Kartoos. The cartoos beside me remained like a true friend, I concluded. I swung my right foot, settled into the saddle, and aristocratically ran out of town, on the road that took me home, through the beautiful Kasara ghat. The rain continued its attack, but it couldn't bother me anymore, as I said to myself and the rain "I went through the worst."

This trip not only changed my thinking about traveling, riding, people, God, love, family, life, death, loneliness, it changed me as a person. Even though I was sometimes scared and most of the times I felt horrified by the anxiety that was caused by the unforeseen November rains, I still laughed at the circumstances.

The man who broke into Mumbai's borders on November 16 is not the same one who left him 15 days back. These were undoubtedly the most exciting days of life.


Cruising with the Most Pimps! – As I learned to love long lines, open your wallet and start the program

Setting up – Although they are veterans of many cruises, we have never had the Drive Port experience. Just throwing everything but the dog into the SUV – bypassing the hassle and inconvenience of airports, airlines and transfers – seemed like a good idea. From Memphis, the logical choice was a carnival triumph that sailed to the Eastern Caribbean from New Orleans. (7 days from 24 to 31 July)

Boarding – Documents we printed online boarded from 12: 30p to 2: 30p with boat sailing at 4:00 pm. So, we got in line to unload and park from the dock at 12:20 pm. Once parked and off the SUV, we stood in line for about 45 minutes – outdoors – in 95 ° mid-summer heat and humidity in New Orleans. (What logistical genius arranged that little torture?) It took a total of 80 minutes from parking to boarding – during which long lines with many shifts were the norm.

We were told in the parking lot / unloading that, yes, we could pack our own bags if we were so inclined. But just before entering the blessed air-conditioned terminal building, Colonel Klink separated us from the herd and told us that our three bags were too big and needed to be checked. He pointed to a small aircraft type "carry-on bag that must be put-here-or-we-stab your mother" warning sign with a size test vessel, the volume of which was large enough to hold a medium-sized lunch box. I think, "Now they have tombstones on cruise ships? So why wasn't that sign posted at the point of unloading?"

Accommodation – Once on board, we headed out to the ocean view cabins on deck 1. The cabins were very spacious and quite comfortable – larger than most ships – something that made Carnival stand out. Our decision not to use the balcony cabins was justified. The whole ambience of the ship looked spacious.

Our room manager was Jorge from Peru – a very gracious man who seemed to want to please – like most of the staff.

In our cabins we waited for bon voyage gifts from the hotel manager and our local business development manager, fruit baskets, wine, etc. They are highly appreciated and consumed quickly.

Departure – Noticing at 5pm that the pass had withdrawn, but we had not yet set sail, the captain's announcement explained that due to the weather – tropical depression Bonnie – and heavy traffic at the mouth of the river, navigation would be delayed until 3am on Sunday morning. But we were confident that the ship would reach the port in time. And it worked.

Dining – Although we officially requested a large table for eight or more, we sat in a cabin for four. The stand was cozy and welcoming, but it still disappointed us – cruising to meet people. Maitre was apologetic and said he would try to remedy the situation but did not. Understandably, most people want tables reserved only for their group of family and friends, especially in the summer when traveling with children. My theory? They originally booked us for a big table … then they saw me stumble and stumble along the way through a lime green walk Vampires suck! top tank with "Bite Me" tattooed across my jugular. I'm sure then and there they decided that it was best to isolate us from the rest of the table.

The food ranged from average to very, very good. The biggest improvement to Carnival's food service is in the presentation. The dining room's main offering was stylish and gourmet appearances. However, in real taste, most dishes were less than half a star, as much as that sober thing deserved. Some exceptions: chilled avocado soup, Mongolian salad steak, New Zealand lamb chops and chocolate soufflé were to die for.

Fish dishes, although well seasoned and elegantly presented, are constantly served dry and overcooked. Thinking it might be because only frozen supplies are available and not fresh, I started the test. When the security guard at the Atlantis Aquarium looked the opposite, I caught a rare fish … smuggled it into my camera case … gave it to the ship's cook fifteen minutes before dinner. Yes, served dry and cooked.

Just as I was about to give up the problem of Overcooked Fish, there was a glimmer of hope. There on deck five … just around the corner at the casino … Sushi Cart! But even here the delicacies are arranged for southern taste. Chicken fried tuna & # 39; Cado rolls were phenomenal!

Fun – We did most of the shows and most of them were pretty good, especially the big production shows. Carnival is one of the few remaining cruise ships that still uses full live orchestras rather than recorded songs for these complex performances. The sound quality in all spaces was excellent. Stage effects and mechanics, such as hydraulically manipulated stage sections and (almost invisible) cable elevators that allow performers to "fly", have been effective and not overused. Lines in all locations were good. Smoke machines, flashes and laser strobes are rarely used and do not overdo it. Well, maybe the smoke machine didn't add much to the bingo … the caller was new and couldn't find the shutdown button.

The Great easy show it was one of the best production shows I have seen on a cruise line … and from someone who has worked as an entertainer for 12 years. Clearly made for a New Orleans-centered audience, my first thought was "this is a cheap shot – like playing a Star flattened banner at a VFW meeting – a standing ovation is guaranteed." But as the show made music choices, the performances, costumes and special effects were extraordinary. Very enjoyable experience.

Comedian – Todd Justice started strong, but started losing us halfway through the show. Todd was still looking at his watch – a surefire killer. Not a good idea unless it's part of the act. It wasn't.

Magic – The big magic production / illusion show in the main salon was a bit repetitive and just fine. An up close magic show is scheduled for the Venezia salon. Although we arrived 20 minutes early, there was no empty space. The room was already standing and many were sitting on the floor. This show has to be in a bigger scene. We didn't stay.

Specialty Law – The funniest show of the week was Assad, the stage hypnotist. He gave many of the old tried-and-true but still funny suggestions to the volunteers from the audience who were deep inside, with a few twists of the novel like, "you desperately want to kiss the person next to you, but they have a bad breath."

Assad had a very original closure. Just before the volunteers were fired, he gave them one final suggestion … "you will not remember anything you did on stage tonight … until the next time you look in the mirror. Then you will suddenly remember all the vivid details." Of course, right after the show, sadistic friends and families sent unlucky volunteers to the toilets to “wash their noses”. Three decks could be heard screaming.

On-board ambitions – With beautiful ships, good food and staff eager to please, Carnival is still engaged in relentless shipping and on-board sales promotion – as well as all mass-market cruises. Compensation is a lower price.

But Carnival can sometimes be a little crazy about that. You don't have to be a cruiser snob to feel a bit extinguished when, for the ninth time, you have to walk the length of the ship to find a unblocked staircase or a mob-free elevator to get from one deck to the next because of photographers setting up half a dozen Photo Op stations.

They always seemed to be located in the middle of the main staircase or thoroughfare while walking the boat. One night about twelve such installations were proof, all at full points, with appropriately assisted mounds spilling over to the ship's shops … in which silver-tongued sellers were waiting!

(Biz Op – Someone can make a fortune by selling Photographer Repellant. It can be spray … colorless and odorless, but it makes the user appear constantly in focus.)

Also note that two hours before departing Key West, passengers had to stand in line for 30 minutes to board the ship again … and you start to understand me.

Why can't CCL take the response from the good Disney people? Disney also mastered face-to-face trading and crowd control. Do you listen to carnivals? Can you say Fastpass?

Excursions through ports and shores – there were three stops along this route.

Freeport – There is a reason why it is called "Freeport". It is completely without anything to do. Beaches and shopping are a long taxi ride from the boat and there is nothing to write home about once you get there. We stayed on board.

Nassau – One mistake we can only blame for our own procrastination is not buying tickets in advance to the Aquarium and Atlantis Water Park on Nassau's Paradise Island. Unfortunately, we waited until the day of our arrival and everywhere we went, the counter excursion desk, the Atlantis Hotel itself, other nearby Paradise Island hotels – the story was the same – sold out, sold out, sold out.

But our determined girls did not accept the answer and preferred our taxi driver to do whatever it took to find us.

Tito was a man … fast talking and (obviously) connected guy. With a mile wide and a mile wide, a mouth full of gold teeth and a twisted boom carrier with a subwoofer in the back of his Toyota mini-van, it was an instant hit for our 18-year-old. In the meantime, I'm testing the van door to make sure I can lock and unlock it from the inside.

To add to my nervousness as I peek through the Nassau headlines in Oddjob's cheerleading ride, my wife flashes hundreds of dollars in cash – slowly counting – out there for everyone to see – making sure he had enough to pay for these water park passes The "bootleg" he will soon achieve for us. (Tito made it clear he didn't take the plastic.)

In the meantime, I will think in panic, "My God, they will be pulled into a back alley where we will be stripped naked and robbed of everything … at the moment of the rifle … and left stranded." (The robbery would be persistent … but I wasn't treated enough to walk the straw market … naked.)

After numerous humorous phone calls and a back alley meeting with local underground operatives, we had passes … and Tito had money. Miraculously, we did not trigger any fraud alarms at the entrance to the Aquarium / Water Park.

Key West – Coming here meant more shopping, as well as cheap or free connection to the Internet and cell phones. You can connect through the ship's system, but it's an expensive way to feed your Facebook habit.

We booked the parasailing trip, which was a hook. The departure point is just a short walk across the dock from the ship.

Sea Days – We enjoyed the deck, pools, slide and JumboTron (huge outdoor video screen). Yes, Agnes, yours truly matched up with the kids and got down on a giant slide. It was a thrill. Especially a sudden stop in the water trough at the bottom. I was a regular for three days after that.

Question – Who can decide what is displayed on the ship's huge JumboTron? At times he used to advertise for carnival or high-price movie plays, such as hairy chest competitions – sometimes a movie or video concert – but every morning he was tuned to a local Denver TV station. (Denver?) I kept looking around behind the giant remote.

Spa – On the last day of the cruise, my husband booked me for a premium makeover – a moisturizing face with a full body massage. Admittedly, it made me look a good six to eight weeks younger than a few hours. But like the miserable victims of the hypnotist, when I looked in the mirror the next morning … staring at me was that famous 63-year-old ear glove catcher. And I screamed.

Conclusion – Overall it was a good cruise and a welcome change of pace. Would I be cruising the Carnival again? Yes, definitely. Would I do something different the second time around? Yes, a couple of things. First, I would insist on putting that big table for eight or more in the dining room – we are just having too much fun and lying to new people we will never see again. Secondly, I would make sure to book two or three of our most desirable shore excursions in advance. And lastly, we need to stock up a little in our boat. Oh, I would also take the case of that Photographer Repellent. – LEC


5 Confucian principles to be followed by every hotelier

Nuvo Hotel Suites has been operating as a boutique hotel in downtown Calgary for only ten months, and if you had asked me 11 months ago what lessons I thought would prepare me to work in the hotel business, Confucian principles would not be high on my list. However, I recently came across an article on Confucian doctrine I wrote for a university course some time ago and realized that a lot of Confucian teachings can, and should, apply to running a hotel.

The master replied, "How about 'shu' [reciprocity]: never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself?" Analects XV.24

When looking at your hotel rooms and procedures, remember to ask yourself "If I were a guest, would I want to?". If no, take appropriate action.

"He who does not think of difficulties in the future will surely take much closer care." Lau [15:12]

The message here is simple forward planning. But there is more to it than that. Being able to keep your long-term plans organized will make it easier to deal with unforeseen problems as they arise because you can fully focus on solving them.

"Make sure those who are near are satisfied and those who are far away are attracted." Lau [13:16]

Maintaining a good reputation locally is a vital part of building a successful business, and marketing yourself as a destination is a great way to attract travelers. But you can't give up on one another and expect to succeed. For example, while we normally function with the traveling business crowd, in the last holiday season, we were able to fill the Nuvo with local guests who went out to paint the city red on New Year's Eve.

& # 39; The claims of the immodest can be difficult to resolve. & # 39; Lau [14:20]

Make sure your marketing accurately reflects what your hotel has to offer. If your site says you are a luxury hotel, it is better to use the room and jacuzzi.

"Knowing your flaws and being able to change is your greatest virtue"

It is often harder for a hotel to discover its flaws then it is a hotel change. Talk to your guests; ask your regulars what changes they would like to see, email your surveys to guests after check out. If you don't ask questions, you will never know the answers, in which case it means you will never improve.


Manali cottages add convenience and comfort to any stay

Manali is one of the most beautiful hill towns in India. This city has lush green valleys, meadows and mountain peaks that are easy to die for. It really is a peaceful environment that makes any holiday look incredibly rewarding. Among the things that attract travelers to this city are Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples whose work of architecture is charming. Some of these wonderful temples are Manu Temple, Hadimba, Maa Sharvari, Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa and Arjun Gufa temples.

Apart from the beautiful temples, Manali has other attractions nearby. I would definitely advise looking at the Solang Valley which is only a few kilometers away. There is plenty to offer, including exciting activities like horseback riding, paragliding, skydiving and zorbing. Also close to Manali is the Rohtang Pass, which divides the Kullu Valley and the Lahaul Spiti Mountain. Everything goes to Manali, you can enjoy coke hiking, mountain biking and skiing.

The accommodation here is simply comfortable. The possibilities are numerous, but I love the cottages that are located here. This is because they make some of the best content for people who want to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of Manali just like me. With their balconies and courtyards, it has always been easy for me to enjoy and appreciate this beautiful magical town. For those who want to try other types of accommodation besides my favorite cottages, this hill town offers vacation homes, holiday homes, and other holiday apartments to accommodate individual preferences.


The cottages in Manali are different sizes. I enjoy 2 bedroom cottages when I am here, but it is also possible to find huge cottages with as many as 8 bedrooms. The good thing about cottages is that they are offered at very competitive prices, so it's easy for me to find something I can afford and enjoy every time I decide to stay in a small town. Some of the most popular cottages worth a try at this place are the 5-room Gaur Sona Cottage, the 12-Element 6th Cottage, and the stunning Country Cottage. I noticed that the cottages here are well furnished, have modern facilities and are quite spacious to make the stay as enjoyable and enjoyable as possible. Other cottages in Manali worth mentioning are Matrichhaya. Cottages Rashpa, Apna, Sunrise, Sylvan and Ancoram cottages.

Apart from being able to choose a cottage according to its beauty or the amenities it offers, I found it interesting that it was also possible to choose cottages according to the locations you would like to be interested in in Manali. For example, there are very good cottages with great views near the Central Bus, Shuru, Ghaderni and Kanyal Road bus stations. I find it very convenient to stay in a cottage that gives me easy access to the attractions and places of interest, and therefore, attention to location, narrows my search for the best. The Manali cottages are all very nice and comfortable, so they can make any stay memorable.