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A cryptocurrency-focused charity today announced #Bitcoin Tuesday to promote a nonprofit cryptocurrency course. The initiative is TheGivingBlock, sponsored by many major blockchain companies. Cryptocurrency liabilities are treated as property, are not subject to capital gains and are tax deductible. This can make digital assets more effective for charitable causes. Crypto companies are promoting the #BitcoinTuesday […]

Ganbavalniki – Carlo Gambino

He was a quiet man, who dressed quietly and, as we know, never lost his temper. But undeniably, Carlo Gambino, with his huge nose hawk and an enigmatic smile, was one of the strongest Babi monsters of all time. Gambino was born August 24, 1902 in Palermo, Sicily. Palermo area called Kakuma, where Gambino grew […]

Tourist Guide to Eastern White Mountains of New Hampshire

1. Appalachian: Stretching nearly 2,000 miles from Newfoundland in Canada to Alabama, in the US, Apalachavskih mountains – or east side of the Rocky Mountains in the west, creates a natural bar & # 39; er between the coastal plain of North America and its interior lowlands. Padpadyalyayuchysya three northern, central and southern regions of […]

All of the restaurants in Washington DC

Welcome to the Capitol of the nation! So, in this city of people are talking about politics, like the rest of talk about our sports teams. But they are not so bad – fake DC workers know exactly how to relax these connections. DC – a city that loves its Happy Hour – a time […]

September 11 – the memory of the heart

When I began to write an article on the Tech Tips This week, I was pretty well prepared. I had even the idea of ​​the article, before I sat down to write, and actually even did some research on this topic. However, as I sat at my desk and went into his account Yahoo Instant […]

The leading causes of accidental death

Every year in America is almost 100,000 accidental deaths. The sudden and unexpected passing of a loved one can cause significant emotional and financial troubles of its vyzhyvtsam, and these difficulties can quickly win the individual or family & # 39; S. Depending on the circumstances related to the tragic accident, there may be one […]