Top 5 attractions near Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Flight delays are stressful especially in a city like Manila. But don't panic. Book a hotel in Parañaque, Philippines, Makati or Pasay. Check out the various places and attractions south of Manila here, which will keep you entertained for a long departure or while waiting for a better weather flight.

Fortunately, there are many places near Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) that you could visit to get engaged while you are down.

Casino Filipino

This state-owned entertainment and gaming center is just minutes from NAIA's Terminal 1 in Parañaque.

Aside from nightly entertainment and gambling, this is also a good place to dine, shop, party and watch world-class events. Casino Filipino has something for people of all ages and beliefs.

Resorts in Manila

This commercial, residential and leisure complex is a 10-minute drive from NAIA. Here are the best casinos, hotels and resorts in Parañaque. This high place is mostly visited by the rich and famous, but people from all walks of life, entertainment, dining and designer shops can enjoy it as well. Night dancing is also noticeable due to significant clubs and performers.

Villamor Golf Club

Take advantage of the long wait and have fun at Golf Club Villamor. This village club is just a 12-minute bus ride from the airport. While you are waiting for things to happen at NAIA, hang out with friends or family. It has fine amenities, friendly baths, a restaurant, a cafe, a lounge and even a massage room.

SM Mall of Asia

Call a taxi and after 15 minutes you will reach the Philippines, Asia's second and largest shopping mall. It has an area of ​​42 acres and stores hundreds of shops. Everything you could want at the mall is here: restaurants, shops, cinemas, activity centers, entertainment, events, sports arena and concert halls. Over the weekend, people are treated to incredible fireworks. If you are tired of exploring a 42 acre property, you will be pleased to have booked your accommodation in Parañaque City, which is only a taxi away.

Duty Free Philippines

For people who are stressed, retail therapy is always a good option. There is no other place in the city where it would be fun to spend money on "comfortable shopping" besides the popular Duty Free stores. There is a Duty Free store inside the NAIA, but you won't regret the 9-minute cab ride to the larger store. It is common with design brands and other products and products commonly found in the US and Europe. There's a good chance you can forget about your travel troubles and extend your stay at your chosen hotel in Parañaque City, Philippines or other nearby cities when you see how affordable it is to shop here.