What can I do in Alani, Turkey?

Most people come from Alanya and never leave the hotel; he just lives in the hotel for the rest of his vacation. They use the hotel's beach and pool, hotel restaurants, hotel shopping malls, discos and hotel animation shows. In my opinion, they are limited to a hotel because they do not know Alanya. However, Alanya is a gold mine. Historic places, natural beauties, places for social fun. People coming from Alanya should leave the hotel and look around. In my article as a native of Alanya, I will write to you the alternative beauties of Alanya.

Go to the center of Alanya. Ask about the port, which is so close to the center. When you go to the port you will see a red tower. You can visit the Red Tower and look at Alanya from the top of the Red Tower. After a few photos you can go to Fishermans Cafe near Red Tower and try some tea. Its a cheap 50 Cent from 2009. After you taste the tea and inhale some sea air, take a walk to the center of the disco. They are so popular in Alana. James Dean, Bistro Bellman, Janus, Robin Hood, Zaph Han …

When you come to Alanya it is a big mistake to leave without visiting Alanya Castle. You can use the bus, taxi, rent a scooter or car, if you are young or feel young you can also walk to the castle. The castle has places to eat. You can try Turkish pancakes called "Gozleme". Don't forget your camera, I'm sure you'll use it!

We go to the Dim River and the Dim Cave. If I were the first to go to the smoke river, I would order fish for lunch than to swim in the cold waters of the dime river. After eating fish across the river for lunch, you can go into the fog and see this natural beauty. As you walk towards the cave, you will see many orange and lemon gardens. This is also worth seeing.

One of the natural beauties of Alanya is the Sapadera Canyon. Huge water resource, opened 3 years ago. There are also places to drink with a drink.

You should also see Cleopatra Beach. It's a good place to swim. It's a little crowded, but it's nice to be with people, isn't it? At Cleoparta Beach you will see sports centers. Basketball, football, tennis … You can use these places … Basketball is free, but you have to pay for football and tennis. Volleyball is also free. The Damlatas Cave is an alternative place to go there.

It's time to go yachting in Alanya because there is plenty to see. I'll tell you where they stop. First you will see the historic boat (tershane). Then you will see a pirate cave, after which you will see the entrance of the cave lovers. You can climb up there and go to the lover's cave. But it should jump from 7 meters into the sea. There is no way out except this time. After that you will see a phosphorus cave, you will learn why it is called phosphorus when you see it. For lunch you will also eat pasta and chicken grill with salad.

Another alternative activity in Alanya is diving. Several companies serve this activity. It doesn't matter if you never dive with tubes. It will teach you how to work. After some education, you will be ready to discover diving. Potential things to see underwater: Mediterranean seal, turtle, fish, cave, sunken ship. They will photograph you under the sea. The lunch menu will probably be the same as a yacht tour. We love chickens.

Sealanya, opened 3 years ago and is located in Turkler County. Dolphin shows, Seal shows, You can also swim with dolphins, swim with tropical fish. I know you will love it and your kids (if you have any) like to see it there. If I were a kid, I'd rather see a dolphin show than see caves.

Aquapark Aquatic Planet, located in Okurcalar, is a really fun place, remember when you tried out white kamikaze. If you are a fan of adrenaline sports, there is a place for you. You Can Do Bungee Jumping! 70 meter. You have 2 alternatives "Freefall" and "Flying".

You can do rafting in "5 mansion" (5 stitches). You should go to some travel company to arrange this activity, when you go to the center of Alanya you will see that many of them are trying to sell such activities.

You can also hunt, and most people don't know it, but if you love fishing, there are anglers. They have a boat and know where you can fish. If you like this idea, you can ask some local stores, they probably know their cell phone numbers. I can give you their numbers here.

An alternative to paragliding and parasailing, you can do paragliding with hidirelles, start from the top of the hill and see Alanya from a bird's eye view, ending at the beach. You can also try parasailing, a water sports company serves this activity, many of them have parsailing capabilities. they hook you up with a jet boat and then you start playing with a parachute.

On the Alanje Plateau, in the red area (kizil alan), there are places for motocross activities. There is a company that rents cross motors and helps you to do such motocross activities.

You see you can do a lot in Alanya, limited by your imagination, I call it living in Alanya! So you do not need to pay a lot of money for all inclusive 5 stars in one hotel, get a room from an apartment located in the center of Alanya. Just use a hotel to sleep. Not to live. If you want to learn these hotels in Alanya, try this site