5 Confucian principles to be followed by every hotelier

Nuvo Hotel Suites has been operating as a boutique hotel in downtown Calgary for only ten months, and if you had asked me 11 months ago what lessons I thought would prepare me to work in the hotel business, Confucian principles would not be high on my list. However, I recently came across an article on Confucian doctrine I wrote for a university course some time ago and realized that a lot of Confucian teachings can, and should, apply to running a hotel.

The master replied, "How about 'shu' [reciprocity]: never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself?" Analects XV.24

When looking at your hotel rooms and procedures, remember to ask yourself "If I were a guest, would I want to?". If no, take appropriate action.

"He who does not think of difficulties in the future will surely take much closer care." Lau [15:12]

The message here is simple forward planning. But there is more to it than that. Being able to keep your long-term plans organized will make it easier to deal with unforeseen problems as they arise because you can fully focus on solving them.

"Make sure those who are near are satisfied and those who are far away are attracted." Lau [13:16]

Maintaining a good reputation locally is a vital part of building a successful business, and marketing yourself as a destination is a great way to attract travelers. But you can't give up on one another and expect to succeed. For example, while we normally function with the traveling business crowd, in the last holiday season, we were able to fill the Nuvo with local guests who went out to paint the city red on New Year's Eve.

& # 39; The claims of the immodest can be difficult to resolve. & # 39; Lau [14:20]

Make sure your marketing accurately reflects what your hotel has to offer. If your site says you are a luxury hotel, it is better to use the room and jacuzzi.

"Knowing your flaws and being able to change is your greatest virtue"

It is often harder for a hotel to discover its flaws then it is a hotel change. Talk to your guests; ask your regulars what changes they would like to see, email your surveys to guests after check out. If you don't ask questions, you will never know the answers, in which case it means you will never improve.